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When you are responsible for planning an event, making an event planning checklist is mandatory. It is a complicated situation as there are so many things that you need to take care of. To avoid some potential issues and to make it becomes a success, everything needs to be properly organized. Many examples of template for event planning checklist have been constructed for any particular events. Here is one example that you may use as a consideration for your event.

  1. Select the goals and objectives of your event
    Selecting and confirming the goals and objectives is the most important point to do while planning an event. A good event planning checklist will ask you to cover this point about six or twelve months prior to the event. Other points such as determining event audiences and selecting a clear date and place of the event are also important points that should be considered a long time before the event takes place.
  2. Build your event budget
    Considering the budget of events such as researching the cost of rentals, contacting vendors for quotes, negotiating discounts with vendors, and paying deposits will make your event expense less daunting. Everything should be considered carefully to reduce expenses and save money.
  3. Find the speaker of your event
    Finding the right speaker is one of the elements that will make your event successful. Most event planning checklist will suggest you to look for speakers who may have spoken at similar events to yours. After compiling a list of your ideal speakers, you can reach out to the speaker that you have chosen and then finalize it. Once your speaker has been finalized, the next step is to arrange the travel and accommodation of your speaker.
  4. Start looking for sponsors
    In the process of looking for sponsors, you must compile a list of your ideal sponsors first. By researching sponsors that may have partnered with similar events to yours, it will make your job of finding sponsors a lot easier.
  5. Promote your event
    A common thing listed in the event planning checklist is asking the event planner to utilize digital marketing tools such as e-mail and social media to promote the event. It is suggested that you do the same. You can also consider offering an early bird discount to attract more audience to come to your event.
  6. Finalize your event schedule and scripts
    This point is usually done a week before the event takes place. It may include making sure everyone has the same schedule, confirming the timing of your vendors, getting sign off on any speech scripts, and updating everyone with final registration numbers.

Event Planning Checklist Template

The checklist above is one simple example that you may use as consideration. Still, you may be able to modify it according to the kind of event that you are going to have. You can also find other types of checklist of event planning that suit you better.

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Event Planning Checklist Template Sample

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