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In a business, all tools including equipment, machines, and vehicles are assets that must be maintained regularly. This is not only for keeping its performance, but also for the employee’s safety. Every employer and manager should be aware of it then make systematic prevention and care for those machines and tools. Therefore, there are no more production delays and safety problems. To help you break it down in simpler tasks, we have provided equipment maintenance schedule templates for free on this page.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Schedule

What Is An Equipment Maintenance Schedule?

An equipment maintenance schedule is a regular check-up schedule for any equipment. This is a part of maintenance management which every business should apply to conduct regular maintenance. The schedule varies depending on the company’s needs and tool expiration date.

DEE EHU 10 4 1 Plant and Equipment Maintenance Form 2

Why Should You Need A Maintenance Schedule?

Each tool, machine, and equipment will have value reduction which means its usability and performance will also decrease from time to time. An equipment maintenance schedule template is the best way to minimize such risk by helping you list the most important parts to be maintained. At least, this will help you minimize the expense of buying new spare parts or machines due to a lack of care.

Equipment Maintenance Plan Schedule

Furthermore, this is done to reduce any unexpected failures due to repetitive breakdown. In the long term, such a thing will cost you a lot due to the equipment downtime. In the end, it will result poor customer satisfaction and business revenue.

Office Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Besides, regular maintenance is a good way to keep your employees safe. There are many project accidents due to machine or tool failures. In a worse case, many employees have lost their lives or some of them have sued a company for lack of maintenance management.

How Does An Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template Help You Fix This Matter?

Prevention is always better than sorry. There are many ways you can do to keep your machine work properly. However, equipment maintenance brings so many components to check up, and this is how the equipment maintenance schedule template helps you decide which machine part should be maintained regularly. In short, you need a schedule to do that properly.

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Schedule

There are several types of preventive maintenance you should know so you can make some priority list which equipment should be checked often.

  • Schedule Maintenance Based On Date – This type of maintenance schedule is designed for “x” days. For example, you are required to check your equipment every two days; on Wednesday and Friday. If your company is required to produce products quickly, this is the best method.
  • Schedule Maintenance Based on Meter Reading – Some tools show meter reading on its dashboard. In a certain number of a meter reading, you are required to do maintenance and check-up. Let’s take the easiest example, a vehicle. When the meter reading exceeds more than 3000 miles, you have to do an oil change.
  • Schedule Maintenance Based on Another Task – This is done when you have completed a certain task. Let’s say you are going to do a paint job after the drywall repair. Do the maintenance after you finish the paint job before starting to another task.

Equipment Maintenance Schedule Format

To help you make a systematic schedule, you can start with our equipment maintenance schedule template. It comes in various designs with editable and adjustable features. The templates are available with many formats such as PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, Google Sheet, Google Word and so on. It is also a ready-print template.