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What Is An Employer Internship Agreement?

An internship agreement is a contract designed for an intern. The agreement is signed by the employer and the intern. The document will state the terms and conditions that apply in the company which should be followed by the intern. Besides, this document also talks about the rights of the intern during the internship. Generally, the employer internship agreement includes the payroll, work assignments, internship period, etc. If you want to draft this contract, you might want them to sign the internship confidentiality agreement too to protect your information.

Sample Employer Internship Agreement Example

How To Create The Paid Employer Internship Agreement?

  • Parties Identification – The first thing you need to identify is the parties that are involved. This paid internship agreement only includes two parties which are the employer and the interns. You need to mention the company profile and the intern including the contact details. Mention also the intern’s institution, zip code, phone numbers and also address.
  • Duration and Place – State the duration clearly from the starting- and ending date. Mention also the location of the internship whether it is in the fieldwork or the office.
  • Work assignments – Each company that is hiring an internship should state the work assignment clearly so they will not work out of track. You have to describe the assignments, terms and conditions, rules in the company and how the communication usually works. The rest of it can be explained during the internship. Furthermore, the company also needs the evaluate the internship program and the intern should also follow certain assignments.
  • Working Hours and Pay – Estimate the clear working hours that the intern should attend. This also includes a lunch break. You need to mention the transportation and lunch break whether you want to facilitate them or not so the interns can adjust it. Besides, stating the pay you want to afford is important too. Mostly, interns get a lower payment compared to the regular company.
  • Confidentiality – There are some areas that your interns might access which can be your crucial data in the company. So, by asking the interns to sign the confidentiality agreement can secure your information. You also need to mention the difference between the external and internal relations in your business and ensure your statement in the agreement will bind the intern not to disclose any information to another party.
  • Ending provisions – At the end of the agreement, mention the provisions and state some company’s action for certain prevention when things go out of track. Discuss the details of the termination about how this agreement won’t work anymore under certain conditions.

Sample Employer Internship Agreement Template

Internship seems to be a trivia thing because they are not a regular company. However, they can be the potential assets that you can hire in the future. Therefore, you have to take care of these seeds so they can grow well. Many companies hire interns because they can develop certain aspects of the company. Who knows your company can be better after hiring the interns?

Simple Employer Internship Agreement in PDF


Employer Internship Agreement Sample Template

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