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When you have just hired new employees, you will likely spend the early days with the training program. However, the problem is when you decide to feed them with a lot of material, they will not get anything and finish the job excellently. An employee training schedule template is a good start to break down the details of the program excellently.

Employee Safety Training Schedule

A training schedule template is designed professionally with certain phases you can adjust. This template will ease you break down the activity and materials your employee should master. Then your remaining task is how to make your training program more effective.

Employee Training Class Schedule

How To Make An Employee Schedule?

There are some steps you need to follow to make an effective employee training schedule. You can follow the steps below:

Decide the goals and objectives

You need to set your goals objectives before making the training schedule so you can figure out how you will complete the training schedule. The goals that you can set can be the business goals which in the future will increase the business market. Besides, you have to set the learning goals and also the development goals. Keep in mind to make the goals achievable, measurable, relevant, time-bound and also specific.

Employee Training Schedule

Training Plan

Try to make a task in your plan which your employee should finish during the training session. However, always ask yourself, what goals your employees should reach. Also, understand things that your new employees can do to increase their growth. Your employees should be able to notice what they can learn and implement during the training.

New Employee Training Schedule

What Are The Characteristic of Your Workers

Knowing the characteristic of your employees will help you figure out what kind of work you can assign to your training program. Consider many aspects so the material you will deliver will be reached by everyone.

Seasonal Employee Training Schedule

Materials and Resources

After you have made the plans, you need to make a list of materials and resources to support your training program. Keep in mind you use the right tool and content which this should make your employee understand faster.

Basic Employee Training Schedule

Implement Your Program Then Evaluate

The final step of your training schedule program is putting your thoughts and ideas on the employee training schedule template to make it professional and tidy. After that, prepare the equipment and material needed before you implement your program.

Employee Mandatory Training Schedule

Once you have implemented your training, it is always better to ask feedback from your new employees about the current training they have passed. Ask them about what they like, and what they don’t like. Also, keep every question measurable. It is always good to ask about their obstacles during the training and ask some feedback for the evaluation. In the next program, you can improve the material based on their feedback and your survey.

Employee Orientation Training Schedule

On this page, we have uploaded tons of employee training schedule you can adjust based on your need. Our templates are ready in various format and you can print or simply edit it on your PC. All of the templates are free to download.