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Creating a checklist has become a standard in various structured organizations, companies, or even personal workspaces. From planning to writing all details in a contract, the drafting checklist gains recognition for providing a substantial amount of efficiency. There is no need to write pages over pages of policy and agreement in a structure that would only cause more pressure than relief. This type of checklist concisely places several major topics, focusing on detailing points of each topic or sub-topic. Surely, there is more than one template of drafting template checklists that are made to suit the needs and format of the user.

Formal Drafting Checklist

An example of a drafting checklist is a contract drafting checklist which, as the name implies, revolves around terms and agreement in a professional business. There are many basic principles to create a contract from morals, equity, termination, and such. By putting it structurally, you can skim it for any particular words faster and navigate the content easily. It is not to be confused with the contract drafting checklist.

Mandatory Drafting Checklist

Another form of this checklist is will drafting a checklist dealing with legacy and documents concerning who will receive portions of your property when you die. Even though the content is not always necessarily long, you need to address several important points in sentences and lists. Things that usually get included in this checklist are items, the will executor, guardians, and many else.

Policy Drafting Checklist

Then, you must be wondering how to make a drafting checklist manually. Back to the basics, we can make it through some word processing software. Below are six steps of making a drafting checklist by using Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Create a New Document Drafting Checklist

The program that we use here is Microsoft Word. Simply, click the application launcher in your desktop or if you are already in the program and you want to make a new document, click the menu “file” on the upper left of your computer screen and choose “open new document”. A new blank page will be ready to be worked on.

Printable Drafting Checklist

Step 2: Put your Checklist Drafting Checklist

Find and choose the “Insert” menu on the main tabs and the far right there is a “symbol” menu. Click it and a new small list will appear. Select “more symbols” to open more option and you can choose the checkbox and finish it by clicking the “insert” button.

Contract Drafting Checklist

Step 3: Navigate the Developer Tab Drafting Checklist

Find the Ribbon menu and right-click to open the “customize ribbon” option. Now, you can choose to use the list and checkbox from clicking the “developer” option. Insert it into your document.

Drafting Checklist Example in PDF

Step 4: Apply Your Drafting Checklist

Press the home menu and find a small arrow leading down by the bullets. Then, you can pick any kind of symbol needed before you confirm it through the “ok” button.

Drafting Standards Checklist

Step 5: Put Items Drafting Checklist

Finishing the step above? Then, you can begin to use and add item lists to your drafting checklist. Make sure to backtrack the step should you find anything wrong with your work.

Employment Drafting Checklist