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Living away from home has never been easy for some people especially for those who are preparing for college. Making a list of the necessary items will not be easy once you do not know which ones you will need and which ones you will not. There are some suggestions that you can take if you experience such a scenario. A dorm room checklist will solve your confusion in no time.

College Dorm Room Checklist

A college dorm room checklist usually covers several aspects that can be either personal or set by the dormitory. Any of your personal needs are usually classified based on each different room. It can be supplies you need for the bathroom, kitchen, and other common rooms. Meanwhile, some of those that the dormitory requires in a dorm room checklist are usually given to the terms and conditions of the dorm room facility. It comes in the form of a list of the dorm room properties that college students may use and should return based on the rent duration. Below are suggestions and examples of personal stuff that may be able to assist you while you are preparing to be a college student.

Bring your bedroom stuff for your absolute convenience

The first and most important thing listed in most dorm room checklist is to bring your bedroom stuff with you. Bringing up your basic bedroom stuff such as pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress, and bedside lamp is a must. You shall not forget these things as they are the ones that will fill your dreamy space and make it more comfortable.

Basic Dorm Room Checklist Template

Pack your bathroom items

The second most important thing when you move to a college dormitory is to simply pack your bathroom items. It can be your towels, laundry bags, bathrobe, slippers, and storage units to store your things.

Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

Carry your kitchen appliances

Avoid carrying too many unnecessary kitchen appliances as it will more likely to take more space. A dorm room checklist will advise you to bring only basic and simple kitchen items such as plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, mugs, and dish towels as it is already sufficient.

Dorm Room Cleaning Checklist Template

Bring your college supplies with you

While entering a college, it is a must that you always bring your college supplies with you. Pens, notebooks, textbooks, scissors, etc are the must-have items in your backpack.

Dorm Room Checklist for College

Take your cleaning supplies for a clean and comfortable room

Never forget to bring cleaning supplies as it will be hard for you if you do not bring any of them. These things are essential for making your room tidy and pleasant. Some of the cleaning supplies that you may take with you can be a vacuum cleaner, a glass cleaner, or a broom to sweep the floor.

Provide yourself with medical items

Last but not least, a good dorm room checklist will always suggest you to take your personal medical items. It can be your own medicine for your illness that you always need or other basic remedies for mild pain such as first aid kit, antibiotics, eye drops, cough drops, and vitamins.

The checklist above is one simple example that you may use as consideration. Still, you may be able to modify it according to your personal college needs. You can also find other types of dorm room college checklist that suit you better.