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Sometimes, we cannot expect to be healthy forever. When the bad day has come, and you still have some works to do at the office, all you need is a doctor’s note. Practically speaking, you can use this note to get an excuse to not go to the office. You can have time to recover your health by resting at home or go to the hospital to check your condition. This doctor note template can be such an official medical certification for the employee at the office. Here are some essential aspects included in this note. Please check the short review down below!

Sample Template Doc Note for Disability in Word

How to Get a Doctor Note Template Pdf

You can get a doctor’s note if you want to recover your health by resting at home or checking up at the hospital. Basically, you can get doctor note for medical reasons which contain doctor appointment and medical information.

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The doctor note template usually includes the evaluation of patients’ health, which explains the rest time and the patient’s condition. You will need this note if your company has specific policies for the employee works. The doctor note has many styles or format notes that might differ from each other. Here are the common aspects of the doctor note, including:

  • Title Doctor Note

This part places at the top of the document, and we can say that this part is a must. For example, you can write it like “Sick Leave Permission,” “Medical Record Certification,” “Absence Authorization,” “Physician Absence Statement,” and other titles. You can choose any title in the doctor note template that suits your health condition at the moment.

Sample Template Doctor Note for Word Doc

  • Medical or Doctor Information Doctor Note

The note must state the name of the medical institution, for example, the address, the contact information, the official registration number, and other matters. The letter also contains the doctor information, for example the doctor’s real name, the title, and other information matters. This information makes the message more valid, legal, and realistic.

Sample Template Doctor Note to Return to Work

  • Date Doctor Note

Another part that commonly found in other notes. You have to state the time of the doctor’s appointment in the doctor note template.

  • Patient Information Doctor Note

You cannot miss this part because it is essentialThis part contains the patient’s personal information, such as real name, date of birth, age, address, contact information, gender, and other matters.

Sample Template doctors excuse note for work

  • Appointment Purpose Doctor Note

Like the doctor note template for school, this part describes the reasons why you use this note. This part will explain your health conditions and problems, for example, accident, flu, injury, or any other information.

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  • Authorization Doctor Note

This part state the information about the patients’ conditions, for example, the rest time and other relevant information.

  • Signature Doctor Note

The most crucial part of the doctor note template is the signature from the medical institution representative, for example, the doctor or staff. This signature make the note legal and valid. If you are confused with the format of this note, please find here to get all forms for doctor notes.

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