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Every company must have fixed assets that are used for all the purposes of the company. One of the consequences of using the assets is the depreciation of the assets. To track the depreciation of the assets, it is necessary to make a depreciation schedule template.

Fixed Assets Depreciation Schedule in Word Doc

Things To Undline About Depreciation Schedule Template

It is a schedule used to track the depreciation of company assets. The company needs to track the depreciation of assets they have to create a backup to buy new assets later. Without a depreciation schedule, it would be difficult to make a backup if there is damage to the assets. A depreciation schedule will be useful to manage and organize the company assets.

Non Profit Depreciation Schedule Format in Excel

Reasons To Consider Why You Should Make Depreciation Schedule

There are many benefits to the company. One of them is to be able to track the amount of depreciation cost of assets owned by the company. Company assets in the form of buildings, vehicles or machinery will lose its value, obsolete or even wear out. Calculating the depreciation cost the company can find out the useful life of these assets. Creating a depreciation schedule template will make the company well prepared when it comes to replacing or repairing the assets they own.
Capital Asset Depreciation Schedule Download

When Is The Right Time To Start Creating And End The Depreciation Schedule?

In making a depreciation schedule template, the most important thing you have to know is when the depreciation starts and stops. The time you start placing your assets for your business service is where the depreciation has started. Meanwhile, when the assets are withdrawn from the service or the cost has recovered then it is the right time to end the depreciation. These are some points that you can consider in starting and ending the depreciation.

  • The first point in starting depreciation is when the assets are ready to use for your business. The calculation method is rather than starting from the purchase date but the date when the assets are repaired and ready to use. For instance, you bought a machine on January 31st for your business. You have to repair and set the machine so it can be used. Reparation was completed on February 2nd and the machine was ready to use. Your business starts operating on 1 March, but it’s considered operating on February 2nd because the machine is ready to use.
  • When the company can recover its full costs by using the company’s assets, then depreciation has stopped. The stoppage of depreciation is done when the depreciation cost matches the amount of investment that comes into the company.

Depreciation Schedule in Excel Format

Creating a depreciation schedule template now is easy because you can download it from the internet. There are many kinds of format you can use and free download. Those templates are very convenient because they are editable. It’s practical to add more detail to your schedule. You can create a professional depreciation schedule template without having to spend a lot of time.