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The delivery of a product, one of the essential parts of a business transaction service, is considered as the most crucial. Thankfully, by using a delivery checklist, you can lessen the trouble that may occur before departing the goods. It can vary depending on the goods and services that you provide, so choose wisely which delivery bag checklist which is the most suitable.

Format Delivery Checklist Template

A delivery checklist comprises a full list of facilities that are necessary to go through with the delivery. Doing a quick check to your goods before the delivery may comprise several criteria which you can modify according to your needs. Here it is one simple example that you can follow.

Free Delivery Checklist Template

Provide a detailed description of the product

Providing your product’s description in detail is the most crucial part when you are about to deliver your product. You must state the name of the product, the serial number if there is any, as well as the quantity of a product. If you are providing a service, you need to specifically mention the kind of service or content with its detailed description.

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Always check the date and time of the delivery

Another important part that has to be covered in a delivery checklist is to check the date and time of delivery. Considering any potential claims or complaints made by the customer later on, this strategy is helpful. It has to be done correctly whether you are delivering the goods or services offline or online. This key point needs to be checked by other parties, including the customer and the organization delivering the goods.

Sample Delivery Checklist Template

Note the serial numbers or consignment numbers

One point that shouldn’t be missed while doing a cross-check of delivery checklist is to write down the serial numbers or consignment numbers of the product you are delivering. This is especially for making sure that the correct package has been delivered to the customer. Making any mistake at this point would damage the entire delivery process. In most services, the consignment number is accounted for as the serial number of services that are provided to the client.

Simple Delivery Checklist Template

Include an acceptance check

Including an acceptance check especially for offline deliveries will be able to deal with issues such as the absence of clients when the package is delivered. When such cases happen, usually someone else will hold the responsibility. Therefore, it is crucial to include details of the third-party relationship with the client and contact for correspondence later on.

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Provide an online or offline signature

Since signature was important in the past but not as much in the present time especially in the service sector, a delivery checklist generally ends with only detail information about the project or service. However, any future claims made by clients against the company can be easily done with the help of signatures as the signatories will remain answerable for the transaction that has been completed.

Example Delivery Checklist Template

The checklist above is one simple example that you can use. Still, you may be able to modify it according to your needs. You can also find other types of checklist delivery bag to support your delivery system.