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What Is Daily Planner?

A daily Planner is a management tool useful to help us in our daily activities. If we are the type of people who do not know what to do in our daily life, the daily planner can remind us of what to do. A simple daily planner template may consist of lists to do per certain hours or minutes. For people who are working in a company or office, it might be good to train discipline. People who are not working or part-time workers may plan their own activities during leisure times.

Simple Daily Planner TemplateStandard Daily Planner Template

Why Daily Planner Is Needed?

A daily planner is important because it helps us to keep track of what we are doing in our daily life. It helps us to avoid wasting time doing nothing. For people who tend to forget, this planner can be a big help for them. Besides, for some professions, a daily planner is useful as a reminder. For instance, teachers need a daily lesson planner template to organize their teaching and learning activities in class.

Printable Daily Planner Template

How To Make A Good Daily Planner?

To make a good daily planner template, we need to consider the activities that we are going to do, especially when it is about working time. We need to be thorough about our activities. If we are marketing employees we need to make our plan vivid and well-organized. We can make a simple blueprint for six days directly.  To be more detailed, here are some things that we need to keep in mind:

Working Activities

We need to be clear about what we are doing in our working place. We need to make it well-ordered from when we arrived until finished working. We need to write every important thing that must be done during the working time. For example, restaurant waiters need to clean the customers’ dining table before opening, teachers need to think about when to explain the lesson and to give exercises to students. By following the activities based on our planning, it will be good to organize activities better and well-ordered.

Custom Daily Planner Template

Leisure Activities

Making lists to do for working might be stressful. That is why we also need to think about other activities when leisure time comes. We can write down our hobby in our daily planner template like going to the gym, going fishing, or reading novels. This is also important to balance between working and refreshing.

Best Daily Planner Template

Simple And Clear

In making our daily planner template, we need to make the activities clear and easy to understand. Planning our daily activities should be detailed but not too detailed. We need to make it as simple as possible and specific at the same time.

Basic Daily Planner Template

Finally, we can make a good daily planner using ms word or excel. We should use simple words or sentences in writing down the activities. For references, you can find many good examples of daily planner template for excel or word on the internet.