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What Is Daily  Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is a guide for the teacher in delivering the daily lessons. A Daily lesson plan should be constructed well to accomplish what the students need to learn. Also, it is made to measure how the teaching and learning process are conducted. If most of the students are not doing well during a certain lesson, the teacher need to plan a better lesson plan to get a more effective way of teaching.

Preschool Daily Lesson Plan Free Word Download

Why Daily Lesson Plan Is Important?

The Daily lesson plan helps teachers to prepare everything that they need to do during the lesson. It also helps to remind what are the goals and objectives so that teacher needs to focus on reaching both the goals and objectives. If the result is satisfying, the lesson plan is successful. On the other hand, if the result is not satisfying, teachers need to plan a better lesson plan.

How To Make Daily Lesson Plan?

Making a lesson plan is not an easy job for teachers or instructors. There are many things that they need to think about first. A lesson plan is made of many essential components that should be combined well to create a good lesson plan. The components are as follows:

Goals And Objectives Daily Lesson Plan

Goals and objectives are the first things very essential in making a good lesson plan. Both goals and objectives should be made depending on the lesson subjects and students’ needs. Mathematics and Science have their characteristics. Elementary level and high school level also have their characteristics.  To decide what goals and objectives should be implemented, every country has its curriculum to follow.

Materials Daily Lesson Plan

Materials are the things that contain the lesson. Materials delivered should be appropriate depending on students’ grades as well as the goals and objectives.

Media Daily Lesson Plan

The media also have the role to provide the chance to deliver the materials. Blackboard or whiteboard is one common example. For more advanced learning some teachers may use laptops and LCD.

Methods Daily Lesson Plan

The methods are various. In this nowadays era, methods that use group work are much more advantageous than only working alone.

Learning Activities Daily Lesson Plan

A good lesson plan needs to explain how learning activities are conducted in one period of the lesson. The duration of the explanation of the materials, students doing exercises, and closing need to be considered well. Make sure to have fun activities too to refresh students’ minds.

Assessment Daily Lesson Plan

In every period of the lesson, the teacher must have something to be assessed. The result will eventually help the teacher in reflecting on the lesson learned as well as what to expect for the next period of the lesson.

The making of a daily lesson plan will be easy if teachers know the components of the lesson plan. Teachers may create a lesson for one day period or one week period depending on the teachers’ need. Importantly, the details and components are the things that should be highlighted. In another case regarding homeschooling, there are also some examples of homeschool curriculum with daily lesson plans on the internet. As we know that some parents may think homeschooling is better, they may take a look at some examples of good daily lesson plan template doc you can find on the internet.