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What Is A Custody Agreement?

The custody agreement is a document that disccuses about the guidelines of child custody between parents. This document is required to help each parents (who have divorced or separated) raise the child. The agreement consists of elemens such as authority details, custody, residential custody, decision making and access rights.

Legal Child Custody Agreement

Generally, the child custody agreement contains of the following instructions:

  • The parent who has the primary physical custody of the kids
  • The parent that is given trus of the child custody (Generally, it is given for the same parents)
  • Which parent will have more physical custody and split equally between parents.
  • Visitation schedule especially for the non-custodial parent.

Why Do You Need To Write A Custody Agreement?

Among domestic law, the child custody is the most emotional thing that everyone should experience. This is also the most expensive thing parents should pay for a divorce. However, some couples just cannot compromise the cutody issue.

Temporary Custody Agreement

On this website, we offer the custody agreement template that you can use for free.

How To Win A Custody Battle?

For the worse case, parents often put on a discord for child custody which both of them really want to win the custody battle. Indeed, this is based on the law and the judge will decide how the child custody will be handed down. Remember that the judge really want the kids to grow in a stable condition. In this case, if a parent cannot give a proper care and stable environment, then this individual will likely lose the child custody.

Child Parenting Custody Agreement

However, there are some factors that determine someones to win teh custody battle, which are:

  • The disposition, personaity and ability of parents to raise the kids
  • The relationship between parents and the kids
  • The parents’ job
  • The kids-raising skills
  • The parents’ mental and physical health
  • The parents motivation why they want to win the custody battle
  • The parents’ ability to maintain a stable condition with other extended family or other parents

Custody Agreement Document Format

Also, the child’s reasons to whome they will choose is important. The court will let decide with whom they want to live. Usually, the court will also consider the school district quality to make sure the kids get the best education.

Later, if the parents want to share the child custody, the decision will be very difficult to change. However, such situation is still possible with the following situations:

  • The parents are drug addict or alcoholic
  • If the custodial parents do criminal and are put in the prison
  • If one of the parents will move to another area that can affect to another parent’s visitation rights
  • If a parent accepts for a job that make him/her difficult to raise the child.
  • To modify the court’s decision, the parents can request to the court with the custody agreement. Hire a lawyer to help you do this.

Custody and Visitation Order

In fact, winning a child custody is not easy. Keep in mind that your clothing and behaviour are important in front of the court. You have to make a good impression. Even though it is a minor factor, but this can help you win this battle.