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5+ Counseling Note Sample Templates for Providing Great Mental Health Treatment

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We have to pay attention to our mental health because it’s also essential as well as our bodies. If something happened and those affect your mental health, you should go to the therapist to talk about it. Basically, as a therapist, you have a note to write down things that happened to your patients. These counseling note templates contain detailed and essential information about the patient’s mental health. Find some important stuff about the counseling note right down below!

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The Function and Counseling Note Example Format

This note is called a psychotherapy note that you can find in counseling sessions. This note mainly writes down all the crucial things such as observation, hypothesis, counseling questions, and other matters. Those counseling note templates are significant as s source in order to diagnose the patients of the counseling session. This note also contains information related to the patient’s problems.


You cannot find the counseling note in the medical records and billing information. We can say that this note is significant and not many people can see it. This note contains the patient’s sensitive information related to their mental health. It gives the patient some protection in terms of their health and treatments. Here are the essential aspects of the counseling note templates, including:

  • Detailed Names

Like in many notes out there, you can always find a blank for an individual’s names. You have to write the patient’s names, the counselor’s names, the institution’s name, and other relevant information.

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  • Type of Session

It is better to write the kind of counseling session, for example, individual, marital, and family type.

  • Date

This information can also be important because this keeps track of the patient’s counseling therapy. The time also projects the patient’s progress through all the sessions for her or his mental health.

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  • Start Time

This information in the counseling note templates mainly monitors how many minutes or hours that the patients spent with the counselor in one counseling session.

  • Last Session’s Progress

This note contains important detailed information about the previous counseling session. This information can be beneficial for further counseling session questions.

  • Patient’s Observation

The mental health professional will give the patient’s observation on the note, such as well-groomed, rested, confident, and other matters that support the medical health treatments.

Sample Template Counseling Session Note2

  • Session Preparation

This information will outline the main goals of this session. The counselor has a responsibility to achieve all those goals in a one-through counseling session.

  • Main Issue

This part contains the main issue that has to be solved in this counseling session.

  • Signature

Last but not least, the patient and the counselor have to give their signature in the counseling note in order to make it official and legal. Working with counseling notes can waste your time if you don’t know the format in advance, so you can get it counseling note templates here in order to help you write the note professionally.

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