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Construction safety plan definition

The construction safety plan is a document that outlines the regulations, procedures, and rules that will protect the construction workers on the site. This document is not only focusing on accident prevention but also on how each staff should respond to the incidents. This includes the emergency medical service, rescue operation and also post-incident review processes. On this page, you will be able to download the construction safety plan template for free.

Construction Phase Plan

The safety plan template for construction is ready to help you make the plan for your staff so your team can safely do the work. The construction site safety plan template is designed by professionals for business purposes. If you are the construction manager, you will need this document.

Guidelines to use the construction safety plan template

Note that each safety plan should allow everyone to adopt what the document is inside. The larger the project, the more complete the plan is. Each section needs to be reviewed so you can make sure the hazard can be minimized. There are many unexpected and unpredicted events on the site so you have to arrange it carefully.

The following is the steps that you can follow to help you create the plan using our construction safety plan template:

  • Safety representative – This part states the safety responsibility on the current worksite, Each member should complete the safety mandatory. The supervisor has the right or authority to stop the work in an effort of protecting the team from hazards. You also need to decide who has the responsibilities in safety training and also verification of the workers in meeting the safety standards in the worksite.
  • Medical treatment – The next section will talk about medical treatment. You have to make it clear who will be responsible for providing the medical service and where this will be conducted. Besides, list down how the emergency personnel will evacuate the accident.
  • Safety inspection – Each supervisor on the worksite has to do a safety inspection. When there is a problem, the supervisor needs to correct it.
  • Safety indoctrination – Employees have to be trained and briefed on the safety procedures and issues about the prior problems that appeared in the worksite. You also need to state how the employees get the proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • Continuous safety training – The next section is continuous training about safety. You can conduct regular training or toolbox if you need it. Make sure that every employee is responsible for the safety concern on the worksite. Why? Because a discipline will affect a lot the whole project.
  • Housekeeping – In this case, the worksite neatness is very important and it is related to the safety. You need to state who will be responsible for the cleanness and the tidiness of the worksite. You can build a system that enables the employees to do the job neatly.

Construction Safety

For further explanation, you can learn It from our construction safety template on this page.