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A construction project is very complex that you need to prepare it carefully. This project requires you to make a long plan considerably. There are a number of aspects that you have to involve which is varied in nature. In dealing with it, construction phase plan templates can help you list down all of the details well without missing a single aspect.

Free Construction Phase Plan CDM 2015

Besides the construction phase health and safety plan template, you can also download other important templates related to your construction business. This includes the construction checklist template which is very beneficial for you to do inspection and evaluation. This helps you in making a scenario for pre-construction safety and post-construction. Besides, these templates help the consultants to calculate the risk during the project.

Construction Phase Plan Example

The Definition of Construction Phase Plan Template

The template is one of the prominent documents that you can use to create a plan. If you are a manager of the project, this can give you the overall idea about various phases of how this will be continued. Besides, the plan can keep the project aligned.

Construction Phase Plan Example

Guide In Making The Construction Phase Template

Using the template will cut your time and you can save it for the most important thing. A template is designed to make you plan your ideas and arrange everything effectively. Follow the tip below to make an effective construction phase plan:

  • Project Description – This part includes information about the project. You need to write the management team from clients, designers, principal designers, contractors, suppliers, and others that are related directly to your project.
  • Project Management – This document discusses health and safety management which set out the management of the work. This includes security, training, induction, welfare, liaison, accident management and many more.
  • Controlling safety risk – This part should be the management arrangement to control the risk of accidents on the site. You have to deal with the arrangement of service structure, fragile materials, excavations, lifting operations, and others.
  • Arrangement of a health risk – This part requires you to identify the risk control on the site during the work of the project. You need to consider a long list of risks from the health of the visitors, operatives, and members at the site and around it. The health risk included here includes the contaminated land, asbestos, hazardous substances and also radiation. Certain activities like manual handling, exposure noise, vibration, and others should be included.
  • Health and safety file – Gather the information for the safety and health file. You can use the template to help you write it down properly and a good format so it will become more understandable.

Construction Phase Plan Template Sample

Our website provides you unlimited templates that you can download for free whenever you need it. Besides this construction phase plan template, you can find another template for business or personal needs. All of them are free to download. You even don’t have to register to get the templates!


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