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In the construction field, the common parties will be the clients and builders. Because they have a project to finish, of course, the construction agreement templates matter.

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The contraction agreement is a document that rules parties to participate in a project with dates and specific job arranged. This agreement is provided by both parties which means both of them have reached an agreement to finish the project in which the supplier or contractor will provide the service based on the terms and conditions and then the clients will pay it according to the contract.

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On this page, we provide you the construction contract templates free. Even though it is free, you still get the premium feature that you can add additional details here. Besides, you might want to download a residential construction contract template free on this website too.

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How To Make A Construction Agreement?

There are several sections that you should include when agreeing. Make sure you underline the sections below:

  • Project description – This section talks about the blurb of the contract. What the contract is about, idea and the description of the problems. Define this section in a simple paragraph.
  • Contract price – The contract talks about the total amount of the money you will spend on the contract. This also possible for deduction or addiction. There many variations and schemes you can learn from our templates and samples here
  • Payment basis – This section talks about the payment method whether you like monthly or based on project completion. This section also defines the penalty of the payment, interest or penalty when the individual fails to pay on time.
  • Construction schedule – Set the total days your project should be finished. It should be stated in the calendar of workdays. Never include the holiday dates because not many service providers provide it. Just be rational.
  • The construction schedule – States the date of the project will be begun and also when the project will end. Set the deadlines so you can reach your target smoothly. Remember that not all contractors are on time when you don’t set deadlines properly, you might end up riskier.
  • Contract document list – List some contract documents clearly whether rit is specs, drawings, exhibit and many more. This will ease everyone to look for details of your agreement in the future.
  • Construction scope- The next step is the construction scope. The scope here covers the definition of the project which can be measured and quantifiable.
  • Construction terms and conditions – This incus a set of responsibilities of the owner and the contractor. Besides, specific terms such as penality, withholding, liens, etc need to make the agreement clear and understandable.
  • Contract laws – The last sections contain claims procedures, liens requirements, laws, insurance, arbritation procedures, liquidated damages, completion and many more.

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The contract is very crucial that this defines your work. This includes the payment and the service you expect to see. The agreement should be in writing, understandable, termination policy, financial terms, and many more. For a clearer example, you can download our construction agreement templates.

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