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Concept Note Definition

In the business field, you will need what we call the concept note template. This is a template that help you creating concept note which you only need to write the key points of ideas or proposal without leaving the essentials. The concept note is mostly straightforward and comes with words and short phrases. On this page, you will find unlimited stock of many types of concept notes, including the concept note example for NGO.

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Steps In Writing A Concept Note For Funds

Remember that writing the concept note is a daunting task. It is always challenging to write it with a brief explanation while making sure the reader will easily catch the point. We include several quick tips on how to make your concept note outstanding in front of the readers.

  • Title – This section should be written comprehensively and cover the whole idea in the document.
  • Background – The next is the background of why you have to put this idea in the concept note in the first place. The background should be communicative so your readers can catch your points easily.
  • Objective – This means summarizing the pillars and the goals of your concept notes.
  • Action plan – This session discusses the action plan which consists of steps to reach the objectives. You can download the Cornell notes templates to make it.
  • Approximate budget – Realistically state the number of funds. Do some research before starting this and then evaluate it because this later will determine how your budget will be approved.

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Guidelines How You Should Make A Concept Note

Remember that the concept note is made for a bigger goal. It is just like you see in the proposal with lengthy details. The concept note will ease the readers to grasp the ideas quickly because people don’t always have sufficient time.

Despite downloading our concept note templates, you still need to follow the guidelines below:

  • Lean on the feasible plans – Everything you will write in the concept note should be comprehensive, clear and understandable. It should be well-planned because this will relates to the plans and actions once your fund is approved.
  • You can do some research on potential sponsors – Remember that you have to research the potential sponsors. This will ease you emphasize your purpose when you do a presentation in front of them.
  • Always engage with the stakeholder – The next is engaging with the stakeholders as much as you can. You will get a lot of benefits from them.

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What Are The Advantages Of Making A Concept Note?

There are so many advantages that you can gain when you are seeking for the fund. if you are an NGO, your donor will have the easy asses whether they can see your project is aligned with the funding priorities of not. Besides, this is shorter than the regular proposal you see which is easier for them. When you are creating a full project proposal, this will take a lot of effort.

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Concept Note Templates and Samples

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