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Whenever you need computer service, you need a computer service agreement so you can have a mutual understanding. Besides, the document will help you make sure to finalize the deal with the fair exchange. On this page, we provide you IT service contract template that can help you draft the agreement easily.

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What Are The Elements Of A Computer Repair Service Agreement?

Before any kind of service can be performed, you can make some deals with the service provider about terms and conditions. A mutual relationship between a service provider and clients can happen when a well-written agreement is made. You can check the following elements so you will not miss out on important details.

  • Scope of work – Because you have several things you want the service providers to do, it is crucial to point out certain services you want in the document. Besides making it clear, you are also able to figure out how much money you will spend. The scope can be anything. This can be repairing the computer’s hard drive, software, checking the damage, etc.
  • Terms of agreement – Place the effective date when the service will be performed. This means you have discussed with the service provider which will effect until the service is completed. It is also better if the document also states whether you can extend the contract or not. Make sure the extended contract is written. By doing this, you and the service provider can expect the same thing. This is also to make sure that none of the parties will breach the agreement until the finish date.
  • Termination – Even though an agreement will bind both parties, but there is a time that a party might need to stop the contract. For example, a termination is needed because the service has been performed successfully. You need to state how a party terminates the contract prematurely. Maybe, early notice will be better. Usually, contract termination notice will be sent 30 days before the termination. However, it depends on your consideration between two parties too. It doesn’t have to take a long time too.
  • Compensation – A compensation is an obligation that should be paid by the customer when the service has been performed. State it clearly in the agreement about the amount of money for the service. Also, mention whether the customer needs to put a deposit or not. Or, maybe you have different types of payments that you require the customer to pay by service performed. It is also best to state that the service will be paid completely after the service is finished.
  • Independent Contractor – It is for formality thing, that the service provider will be mentioned as the independent contractor rather than an employee. Why do you need to do this? This is to avoid any lawsuit due to unnecessary issues. Besides, each party is suggested to not agree to the joint venture.
  • Agreement modification – The modification is allowed. For example, a customer is expecting to have more service or remove several of the service items. If you are considering this, states it on the contract agreement. However, this modification should be based on both parties’ agreement.

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That’s all our quick tips about how to agree. Keep visiting our website to get the new templates!

Computer Service Agreement Template And Samples

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