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While using a computer for both essential work and personal purposes is part of your daily needs, it is more likely that you also want to make both your devices and files secure. When it comes to computer security, a broad range of potential threats such as computer devices getting progressively worse, hacker’s attack and losing valuable data should be considered carefully. Performing several simple steps of a computer security checklist will help you to mitigate the possibility of your computer being exposed to these potential issues. It doesn’t take much effort and in fact, can be done by doing several simple things.

Computer Security and Maintenance Checklist Example

By following checklists that allow you to cross-check which computer security checklist or which laptop security checklist you have performed, it will assist you in maintaining your computer or laptop’s security. Here are some examples of activities that you can do.

Update your operating system

The first step on how to secure your computer is to make sure that your operating system is always up-to-date. Most operating systems have settings that allow the automatic download of patches and updates. It is up to you whether you want to allow the automatic installation or not. However, it can be better once you enable to auto-download and get its notification.

Basic Computer Security Checklist Example

Install and update antivirus and anti-spyware software

As viruses can reach your computer in many ways, using and regularly updating your antivirus is critical for your security protection. The same thing also applies to spyware as it will remove unwanted spyware programs installed on your computer without your knowledge. This spyware can pose a security risk and degrade the system performance by taking up processing power, installing additional software, or even redirecting your browser activity.

Personal Computer Security Checklist in PDF

Update your applications

It is essential to check whether the application you use is also updated. Not all programs have an auto-update option when the latest version is available.

Back-up your data files

Backing up your data regularly is like an insurance policy that allows you to get up and run again after a data loss. Therefore, the computer security checklist suggests you to periodically back up your data files to ensure that your data is safe.

Desktop Security Checklist Template

Install an ad-blocker

Install an ad-blocker will prevent your computer from being infected by advertisements. There are multiple and reputable options for ad-blockers depending on the browser you are using.

Install a firewall

A firewall is like a barrier between your computer and the internet. Installing a firewall will stop the threats from entering the system which spread between devices. It is also a helpful tool to prevent your data from leaving your computer.

Use security password

Lastly, the computer security checklist also suggests you using a security password as it will stop hackers to get into your private account. Make sure that every password is unique to the site you are using it for.

Computer Security Checklist Template

Protecting the contents that you store on your computer from criminals is crucial. Although nothing is ever completely secure when it comes to content security, following these easy steps of the computer security checklist will provide you with sufficient protection and safeguard your data.