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There are many non-profit organizations start without a comprehensive fundraising plan. When someone has an idea or project, it is mostly run without a proper plan. Usually, these people only send out a letter to many organizations, businesses, and individuals for a meeting. After that, when they find their bank account is in trouble, they are in panic mode. If you are planning this, you should know this is not the best plan even though your organization already has a lot of cash. Later, you will see the “panic mode”, sooner or later.

Fundraising Plan Worksheet

Why Is The Comprehensive Fundraising Plan Template Crucial?

Using a template at least can save you from the complicated details that can eat your time. In a depth understanding, using the template actually can let you know the most important details in creating a plan. The template we provide on our website is always designed by the professionals. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if it is your first project. Furthermore, a good format document can give you a bigger chance in getting funding from the donators. It helps you explain your ideas better in a more systematic way.

Sample Fundraising Plan

Then who should write the comprehensive fundraising plan? If you have the development staff, they are the ones who should write this and do a consultation with the charity’s CEO and other boards member. However, if you have just started your non-profit organization, and you don’t have the development staff, then the one who will be responsible to write this is the Executive Director (E.D) and it should be discussed with other boards.

Creating a fundraising plan

How Should You Write The Fundraising Plan and What Are The Components?

Generally, there are several components you need to underline when making the fundraising plan. Make sure you include the following elements:

  • The Goal – The best point to start with is knowing your goal whether it is the short term and long term. What are the goals for this year and the next four years?
  • The Mission – The goal can be about how much funds you need. The mission is about the reason why you need this funding. This is called a mission and the plan you will do with the money you have raised.
  • Strategies – When you already know how much money you need to raise, you need to decide and consider the strategies to reach the goal. This is not only for the current year but also the next year and the year after. The plan should be detailed to figure out how much funds you can raise so you can reconsider another strategy from another source income. This could be from major donor groups, individual giving, events, online giving, grants, corporate programs, annual fundraising and so on. You can gather all of this way to make sure the fund source and the income for your non-profit organization will remain stable.
  • Timeline – The next thing to consider is the timeline. When you make a plan, you have to look at the timeline when the organization should reach the goal and implement it. By doing this every member of your organization will work simultaneously so the organization will not lack income stream in the future which will be used for good purposes.

Developing a Fundraising Plan


Comprehensive Fundraising Plan Template

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