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As the company’s reputation is on the line, you will want to make a list as well as double-check the safety regulations and standards. Following sets of compliance checklist will ensure that a company’s or an organization’s product and service is compliant. Some queries are often used by companies to test how their specific products or services comply with specific standards. The HIPAA checklist 2018 PDF is one example of a compliance checklist template you can use.

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Complete the six annual assessment of a HIPAA compliance program

One significant point that should be covered in the HIPAA compliance checklist is to complete its essential elements. Completing the six essential elements of a HIPAA compliance program will make the program effective. It usually includes the security risk assessment, privacy assessment, HITECH subtitle D audit, security standard audit, asset and device audit, and physical site audit.

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Record the details showing that you have conducted the audits for the past six years

Making a documentation about the audits you have done for six years will help you to identify the deficiencies.

Identify the gaps uncovered in the audits

You need to make sure to document all the deficiencies found in the audits.

Create remediation plans and record them

It is crucial to make sure that all the remediation plans are fully recorded. Besides, make sure to update and review the remediation plans annually.

Make sure all staff members have undergone annual HIPAA training and received Security Awareness Training

It should be noted that you have documentation to confirm whether your staff members did so. You must also provide periodic reminders to reinforce security awareness training.

Develop a contingency plan for emergency

A good compliance checklist should include policies and procedures for emergencies. Updating and testing the contingency plans should also be done regularly.

Implement identity management and access control

Assigning unique usernames or numbers to those who require access to ePHI as well as developing policies and procedures for terminating access to ePHI when an employee leaves the company are examples of management and access control you can do.

Develop policies and procedures for providing patients with access to their health information

The HIPAA compliance checklist also suggests you providing copies of an individual’s health information in the format that they request. Moreover, when the fees are charged, it is supposed to be reasonable and cost-based.

Create a Notice of Private Practices (NPP)

You need to make sure that periodic reminders provided for the patients as it will reinforce the security awareness training.

Make sure to have a defined process for security incidents and data breaches

It is essential to have the ability to track and manage the investigation of all incidents as it will help you to mitigate the effects.

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Completing this checklist template will not promise that your organization or company is HIPAA compliant. You ought to consult a HIPAA compliance expert. As there is also no standard guide or rules for creating a compliance checklist, you can create a checklist template in whichever way that you want.

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