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Company Fact Sheet Template Free Printable for Manufacturers and Organizations

What do you know about the fact sheet of the company? It is a tool or document describing everything about the company both in bullet and passage. The company fact sheet template appears from the business investors with simple and natty design. It will help you to answer each question about your manufacturer to the investor, media, customers, and others. The sample company fact sheet template is available in more than ten choices. The free printable in various formats with some key features. Let’s see and identify the elements!

Non Profit Company Fact Sheet

13 Company Fact Sheet Template Ideas with some Main Elements

In common, the fact sheet of the company consists of six main elements. Each template must contain company information detail, mission, and vision, products, and services, insight, organizational facts, also call to action. All elements exist in these 13 free printable company fact sheet template designs below:

  1. Word and Page Templates of Company Business Fact Sheet
  2. Page and Word Template Fact Sheet of Corporate Business
  3. Fact Sheet Template Word and Page in Company
  4. Google Docs, Word, and Page Templates of Fact Sheet in Organization
  5. Word, Google Docs, and Page Templates of Corporate Fact Sheet
  6. Page, Word, and Google Doc Templates for Simple Company Fact Sheet
  7. Word and Page Fact Sheet Templates for Organization
  8. Blank Template of Fact Sheet Company in Word and Page
  9. PDF Fact Sheet Template of Company Timeline
  10. Fact Sheet Template PDF for Construction Company
  11. PDF Template of Company Fact Sheet in Internet Industrial
  12. Fact Sheet Template PDF for Non-Profit Company
  13. PDF Fact Sheet Template for University

University Fact Sheet

More Information on the Fact Sheet in the Company

Besides this page presents the company fact sheet template sample free, you can use them based on your necessary. You may use them in some sizes of the letter to print.  On the other hand, there are some types of manufacturer fact sheet. The fact sheet is available for the company, investor, organization, media, and marketing. It means the types of the sheet templates depend on the target audience. The steps to make or customize your sheet merely consist of 3 steps. Firstly, you make the header for the title and the detailed company information.

Company Timeline Fact Sheet

Secondly, the step focuses on the body for filling the vision, mission, services, products, business insight, and customer insight. The third is about footer to inform on the organization detail and the call to action. How to make your fact sheet looks great, you only need two steps to do:

  • You must invest your visual to make the content more attractive and easy to understand. Insert infographics elements such as photos, process charts, and others.
  • Limit using jargon because it is merely for highlighting facts and encourage the curiosity of the readers. Meanwhile, your fact sheet is to inform your company at a glance.

Construction Company Fact Sheet

Okay, that is detailed information on the company fact sheet template printable 2019. This tool contains everything you need during creating the fact sheet alone. Using one of the templates will ease and accelerate your jobs so that your time and many keep saving. Thank you for reading and good luck!

Industrial Internet Company Fact Sheet