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The commercial rental agreement is a document that discusses the terms and conditions of a contract on the property. Since this is used for commercial, then the tenant is only allowed to use the property for business purposes only. This is why the commercial rental agreement is crucial.

To help you draft the agreement easily, you can download a template for a commercial lease agreement for free on this page. There are tons of commercial lease agreements PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs and many more. All of the templates are ready for free and you are free to edit and customize it too!

Commercial Sub Lease Agreement

Note that it is important to read the agreement in case you want to add additional clauses and terms. You can revise the templates as you like before you make sign it makes it legal.

Enterprise Commercial Rental Agreement

Why An Commercial Rental Agreement Is Needed?

An agreement will help you set the scope and limitation of what you can do and cannot do. Vise Versa! the document will record everything you have agreed with your tenants. This includes the payment of the rent, insurance, utilities, maintenance and many more. The document is the best tool to regulate the relationship between two parties.

Short Term Commercial Rental Agreement

Furthermore, the agreement also sets the responsibilities and rights of the tenants and landlords. With the written document, this is also easier for you to resolve the dispute between you and tenants.

Standard Commercial Lease Agreement

When Do You Need A Template for Commercial Lease Agreement?

There is a certain condition that makes you need to agree. If you are a person who owns the whole building, and you want to maintain its condition while making money, probably you should make it under the following condition:

  • When someone is going to rent your property for an office
  • When someone will use your property for a warehouse
  • When someone will use your property for a shop, cafe or restaurant.
  • When you want to grant the property to another party
  • When you want to protect the building and record the customers’ obligation regarding the property.

Standard Commercial Lease Form

What Elements To Be Included In The Agreement?

There are several elements you should include in the agreement, which are:

  • The amount of the payment
  • The responsibilities that tenants have
  • The responsibilities of the landlords
  • The optional clause
  • The security of tenure

Blank Commercial Lease Agreement

You are strongly recommended to make this agreement when you want to allow a tenant to use it for a business purpose. This will frame and outline how the property and utilities used.

How Does The Lease Commercial and Residential Agreement Differ?

Keep in mind that residential and commercial lease agreements are two different things. The lease commercial agreement is used for business purposes while the residential is used for staying. This is why both agreements have different terms and functions.

Commercial Building Lease Agreement

Lastly, an agreement is not a trivial thing. You need to be careful with your clauses and terms. Make sure you make it clear so you can protect your property from damage and avoid yourself from unnecessary disputes. We hope this helps!

Commercial Rental Agreement Samples and Templates

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