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If you are planning to run a business, you need a space for helping you run it. This could be for the physical shop or simply as the place to store your products. Some companies who already developed will buy a property because they will use it in the long run. But if you have just started running your business, leasing might be the best option because it is very convenient when you want to move one day. Besides, this is also cheap. Anyway, for you who are planning to put the properties on rent, you might need to make the commercial real estate lease agreements.

Commercial Property Rental Agreement Template

What Is A Real Estate Lease Agreement

This agreement is different from a residential one because you rent a space or a property for a business purpose. In this agreement, you and your landlord will discuss certain things such as payment method, deposit, insurance, maintenance and other clauses and terms needed. If you are a landlord who is confused about where to begin, the commercial real estate lease commission agreement will help you. Or if you are looking for a commercial real estate lease form to learn, as a tenant, you are on the right page.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement Template

How Do We Create The Commercial Real Estate Lease Forms?

There are five steps you can follow when creating an agreement, which are:

  • Start with the title – You actually can download the template and then write down all details needed. Choose the right software you like the most, for example, MS Word and then write the agreement.
  • Parties’ Details – The second step to do is stating the parties that are involved in the agreement. In this case, are the landlord and tenants. When you move to this step, specify the details of the parties from the current address, phone number, names, and others. Both parties should state the document clearly.
  • State the use of the property – The next step you need to do is specifying the use of the property. Determine clearly how it will be used. Since the agreement is about commercial lease agreement, that you can expect that the tenant will use it for business purposes only. By stating this, you are implying that the tenants cannot use the property for any purposes except business.
  • Specify the security and payment method – Most landlords require the tenants to put some deposit. This deposit will be returned to at the end of the contract of the lease. Besides, the deposit is used when there is damage or other things caused by the tenants. The deposit will not be returned.
  • Maintenance – The agreement should state the maintenance and repairment whether it should be done by the landlord or the tenants. Since you have made a deposit, usually the landlord will do the maintenance and repairment.

Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase Real Estate

That’s all some steps on how to make a lease commercial agreement. Remember that this doesn’t allow the tenants to make certain changes in the property when the agreement doesn’t allow it. Therefore, stating the agreement clearly before the contract is effective is wise. You can download our commercial real estate lease agreement to help you learn and decide which one you need to start.



Sample Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement Template

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