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What is the Definition of Closing Checklist?

Closing Checklist is a kind of checklist that consists of a lot of tasks that need to be completed. The tasks can be payments or items that need to be settled before the closing transaction or term.

Closing Checklist Template

Reasons To Make A Closing Checklist?

As we know in the previous section that this checklist consists of tasks which need to be done. The purpose of this checklist itself is to help you to organize the tasks as your responsibility and actions at the end of the transaction or term.

Elegant Closing Checklist Template

How Many Kind of Closing Checklist?

This kind of checklist has several types that you can use as a reference later on. Of course, you can change, add, or even remove some items that you think it isn’t necessary for your checklist. For your new insight, we’ve provided some types of closing business checklist that you can use.

  1. Simple Closing Checklist for Manager

This type of checklist is designed for a manager to fit the needs of the business. This checklist focused on the business’ status and tasks. Besides, there is also a column that needs to be filled by the manager to give some notes for the business itself. This kind of checklists will highly practical for your business.

Practical Closing Checklist Template

  1. Business Closing Checklist

This checklist is designed for the staff to organize your business. The difference with a simple checklist for the manager is from the items in the checklist. A business closing checklist is mostly categorized as a daily checklist, so the staff will fill the checklist every day before they go home.

  1. All-Inclusive Cost Merger Closing Checklist

This kind of checklist helps your secretary to organize all-inclusive costs in your business. As we’ve mentioned before that one of the purposes of the closing checklists is to help and organize the tasks and transactions in your business.

Professional File Closing Checklist Example

How to Create a good checklist for closing a business?

In this section, you will get to know some steps to make a good closing checklist. Some steps below can give you an idea before you decide the checklist you want to make.

  1. Make sure all tasks aren’t ambiguous

The first step of creating a good closing checklist is making sure there is no ambiguity in each task. Giving clear tasks will help you to define which items belong to that checklist. This will also help your staff, manager, and secretary to fill the checklist easier.

  1. Arrange The Items

After you determine which items belong to the right checklists, the next step is to arrange the items in the right order. This step plays a huge role in your business, especially in the end term of your business. You need to make the checklist as systematic as possible.

Simple Mortgage Closing Checklist Template

  1. Give a definitive column in the checklist

The next step is giving a definitive column in the checklist. This section will help you to know the status of the task, whether it is complete or incomplete yet. It is better to put this section in a separate section of the checklist, so you can keep track of the work.

Standard Property Closing Checklist Template

  1. Include the Financial Flows

When you want to make a closing checklist, make sure to include this point. This aspect consists of various payments and transactions that will be counted by the treasurer at the end of transactions or terms.

Sample Closing Checklist Template

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