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Running a cleaning services business is not an easy task to do. If you want to have many clients come to you, you need to have a preparation regarding how you are going to operate your business. In this case, a plan is important and utterly needed. A cleaning services operation plan is your best guide to be successful in running your cleaning services business.

Sample Cleaning Service Operations Plan

How To Create A Good Plan To Operate Your Cleaning Services Business?

To convince your clients that you have the best and well-guaranteed cleaning services, you need to make sure that the clients know your goals and methods. Also, you need to ensure these questions are answered:

Who—First thing is who is in charge of your cleaning services duty. The clients need to know who will be working with them.

What—After deciding who is working, you need to know the details of the job the workers will do.

Where—You need to know the exact place and facilities that you and your clients have been agreed with.

When—You need to discuss with your clients regarding the deadline for your cleaning services.

How much—The most important thing for your cleaning services operation plan is how much the cost will be. The appropriate cost should be based on the agreement between you and your clients.

Cleaning and Waste Management Operations Plan

By combining those five questions you will be able to create the best frame for your completed plan. To make the execution plan for cleaning services perfect, you also need to consider these points:

Goals And Objectives

Having goals and objectives will give you a basic foundation for your success. You need to know what you want to achieve and expect. Not only you but everyone in your business should know what they are aiming too. In achieving your goals and objectives, you also need to think about these following:

  1. A specific and clear plan.
  2. Measurable plan to keep track of the progress.
  3. Attainable and realistic plan which are suitable with a certain condition.
  4. Time-specific plan to ensure the quality of your business in completing tasks.

Hospital Cleaning Operational Plan

Production Process

In realizing your cleaning services operation plan you have to think of the things that you need to support your business. The following are things that you need:

  1. You need to know who is providing the materials to do the job. If it’s you, so you need to prepare all the materials needed. If it is the clients, you need to check the materials and if there something is missing, you just have to bring the remaining materials.
  2. Types of equipment and technology. Depending on what kind of cleaning services you have planned, you need to provide the right equipment and technology.
  3. You need to consider the costs of preparing all the things to start up your business and also for completing the tasks for your clients.

Janitorial Service Improvement Plan


Providing a timeline such as using milestone is also important to see the progress of your business. A production milestone will be great to see how far you are about to finish the tasks and financial milestone is good to measure your next operation plan in case there is a big difference in earnings.

Maintainance and Operational Plan

If you still want to know more about making a good cleaning services operation plan, you can download the examples of cleaning services business plan PDF on the internet for free.

Residential Cleaning Services Operations Plan