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The church lease agreement is a document that discusses the terms and conditions of leasing churches’ properties by another party. This is a well-defined document that is created by the church’s administrative. You can use our templates to help you make the best agreement.

Church Lease Agreement Template

What The Church Needs To Know About Church Facility Rental Agreement Template

If you are working in the church, then you need to consider several factors about how to make a church lease agreement properly.

  • Make A Clear Terms – The key point of an effective agreement is using clear terms. This is important to state the length of time and other things to help you maintain the church’s property. With a clear definition, you can have the same expectation as the clients. The items to consider are including:
  1. Will you include the utilities in the rental agreement?
  2. Who will be responsible for the repairment and maintenance?
  3. Will you allow the sublease?

Printable Church Lease Agreement Format

  • Use the protective language – Using a protective language will certainly make the clients understand what they can do and cannot do. Many clients are very ignorant about certain things. The church facility rental agreement template is the key tool to protect the assets. States clearly about the conditions that agree terminated. You also need to state the notice and conditions when the party wants to terminate the agreement.
  • Payment method – The next is about the payment method. You need to state clearly about it whether you want to make a daily, weekly, monthly or per-use rent amount. Make a reasonable price in which the church will get the income too.
  • Contract – When a church has the FEIN or Federal Employer Identification Number and incorporated at a state level, then any kind of business or contract related to the church, you have to use the church’s FEIN. If you use the individual name, it is not a good practice because this will be a personal liability.
  • Insurance – This also requires the renter’s insurance just in case the customer brings damage to the property. Even though it is not compulsory, carrying insurance will be a very wise choice.

Professsional Church Lease Agreement Template

What Are Types Of Agreements We Have?

  • Church lease agreement – This is a general agreement with the simpler design yet comes with complete details. You can download the templates for free with formats you like.
  • Baptist church lease contract – This document is purposed for the baptist event. Now, you don’t have to make this agreement from scratch because this is made with general clauses and terms so you just need to add some additional clauses.
  • Church facility lease agreement – This is an agreement that is designed for the church’s business. So if you are planning to put some space of the church for rent, this agreement is perfect for you.

Sample Church Lease Agreement Example

There are still many agreement templates that you can download for free. Just keep visiting our page and get the latest update of this template and others that you might need.

Standard Church Lease Agreement Template


Church Lease Agreement Template And Samples

Basic church Lease Agreement Format Church Lease Agreement in PDF