9+ Free Sample Church Budget Template Plan You Have To Download

A sample church budget will help you make a better budget plan for your organization. Therefore, if you are in charge of budgeting affairs, you can use our sample to help you manage the organization budget. The samples are ready in various formats and all of them are editable.

Sample church budget doc

We have tons of budget plan you can use for free. Here are some of the most popular:

Small Church Budget Template

It is a standard template for helping you manage the church budget. It comes with necessary categories which you can edit whenever you like. Some important things can be jotted down, such as the subsidiary role wages, salaries and also the funding amount. Our templates enable you to add a graph at the end of the table.

Sample church budget excel

Church Budget Worksheet Template

It is a premium and ready-made template for planning the church’s expenses. The template is fully customizable which includes the graphical representations to help others understand the plan quickly. The template is printable and compatible with any kind of file type.

Sample church budget spreadsheet Excel

How To Make A Church Budget?

In every field, making a budget becomes the most daunting task, but with the help from our template, you can make your budget plan simpler and more professional.

Here are some steps to making an effective budget plan.

Figure Out Why The Church Need The Budget

This is the most basic thing to consider. When you think about why the church needs a budget, is because there is a goal. So, think about it what kind of particular goals you want to reach. This will give more clarity and prevention on some unexpected expenses.

Sample First Baptist Church Annual Budget Report

Sources of Income  Church Budget

After that, list down all of the sources of incomes coming in the organization. If you have regular funding from certain people, then list all of the names in the source of income categories. Besides, you can also list the regular source of income from certain you make regularly.

Sample baptist church budget Word Form

List Down All The Expenses Church Budget

Next, list down all of the expected expenses in a certain period. For example, you are managing a monthly budget, then make the expenses for the monthly one. Some churches also write the annual budget plan as we see in most companies so they can figure out how much the money spent on certain activities are done regularly.

Sample Budget for the Episcopal Church

Review the Entire Church Budget

After you have listed down the expenses and the entire budget, then you can review your budget plan. See if there are some unnecessary spending or you can find some alternatives instead of spending money.

Sample catholic church budget Planning

That’s all our quick tips about how to make an effective curch budget plan. Of course, you can use our template for free and adjust it as you need.

Sample Church Budget Template

Sample Church Budget 001Sample Church Budget 002

Making a budget plan is never an easy task, especially if you make it for an organization or a company. Everything should be considered carefully. Besides, a church budget plan sounds to be more difficult because this is not a profit organization.