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What are the purposes of using the child behavior checklist?

What is your first thought of child behavior checklist? Is it a daily checklist for the parents to monitor their children? If my child failed this exam, will my child be labeled as “the special needs”?  These are normal questions that rose by parents, but as a new insight, the real purposes of this checklist are provided below:

  • This checklist will be given to the parents as a report of their child’s behavior.
  • The responses will be recorded using a three-point Likert scale.
  • There are two versions of this test, and those are the pre-school version and the school-age version. The pre-school version is for children ages 2-5 years old, while the school-age version is for children 6-18 years old.
  • When the parents complete the questionnaire, the experts will determine if the child has tendencies below:
  1. Depression
  2. Aggression
  3. Rebellious
  4. Social aloofness
  5. Attention-seeker
  6. Tend to make somatic complaints
  7. Difficulty in showing expressions and reasons

The result of the test may not be sufficient enough to define your child’s problems.

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Why do parents need to take a child behavior checklist?

As we’ve talked above that parents don’t need to be scared of taking the child behavior checklist because the child behavior checklist scoring helps the experts and the parents to determine the issues that the child has and goes through. By knowing the result of the checklist, the parents can do another checklist to get to know more about the problems of the child, such as asking the teacher to reveal the teacher checklist and youth self-report to the parents. In this checklist, the teacher will give their answers and also the kid themselves.

Child Behavior Checklist for School

How do people deal with behavior problems?

In this child behavior checklist PDF, we will talk about how to deal with the behavior problems. Most of the time, behavioral problems are found among adults, so the parents need to be extra with their child. The other fact is most child specialists see this condition as a temporary phase. As parents, what you can do is giving the attention that your child needs. You also need to guide your child in his/her growth physically and mentally. Also, as parents, you can do a quick self-monitoring method for your child. Here are several tips to successfully manage your child’s behavior problems:

  • Identify the problem

This is the first step after you know that your child suffers the behavioral problem. Identify anything around him/her that may pull his/her triggered to harm himself/herself. You can also identify it to know why he/she doesn’t want to express himself/herself.

Child Aggressive Behavior Checklist

  • Control the environment around your child

By controlling the environment, it will help the child will be less or cannot harm himself/herself or others. First that you can control is his/her room by giving some mattresses on the wall around the room, then you can modify other parts of your house if you want to.

Autism Child Behavior Checklist

  • Respond to their actions

Giving appreciation and praise to them is pretty important, especially when it comes to dealing with the behavior problem. Don’t forget to acknowledge them if they make mistakes and don’t involve emotion too high since it is ineffective to do.

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  • Make clear instructions as much as possible

Choose the right words as instructions to them. Make it as clear and specific as possible with what kind of task you ask them to do.