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A catering service agreement is a contract between two parties (catering service and clients) to get mutual relationship. The document states about certaind details such as the amount deposit, event details, payment menthod, and also terms and conditions. Because most catering agreement adopt the similar formats, here we give you the catering service agreement template to help you create an agreement easily.

Professional Catering Service Agreement Template

How To Make A Catering Service Agreement?

Speaking about agreement, there are some aspects you should underline so you can avoid dispute with your clients. Follow our tips bellow:

  • Clients’ Contact Details – An agreement should have a clear details, including the parties involved to this partnership. State the clients’ details such as name, contact address, event location and other details such as teh number of gess, event dates and also the venue location.
  • Background Section – The background section will reveal general details or gist about what the agreement is about. This states about the understanding of the catering service and its service offered. You can use the catering service contract template to have a good format.
  • State The Service Provided – Be clear about teh service provided by your company. Mention about the menu you will give, the number of portions, the service provided during the events, equipments etc. You need to mention transports, rentals and others so your clients will not have missunderstanding.
  • Fee – This is the most crucial thing when it comes to the fee details. You need to detail the fee should be paid by your customers, refund and cancellation policies. Some clients might cancel the plan when you are preparing the event for them, which is very risky for you. Therefore, you should set the pinalty such as the client is not able to take the deposit. By stating this one, you have a clear picture about what to expect from the clients.
  • Signing the agreement – Each agreement should provide the signature from both parties to validate that both parties agree with the agreement. This is crucial!

Sample Catering Service Agreement Template

How To Make Your Catering Service Effective?

To create a successful event, a contract needs to put other important details which is not only about menu, but another following aspects:

  • Subtitutions – A food substitution is a must. his is necessary for certain guess who cannot eat certain dishes. For example if they have allergies or vegan or maybe they prefer kosher. This is one of the best service which such thing is absolutely minor but can boost your performance, not only from clients but also the guests. Who knows if they contact you in the future?
  • The type of food service – Catering business is not about menu, but also the type of menu. State in your contract whether you want a buffet, sit-down meal etc.
  • Leftover food and beverages – Include the provision of about left over menu and how this should be handled whether it is from your service or your clients’ side.

Simple catering Service Agreement Template

That’s all about the quick tips of making a catering service agreement. We hope this helps you!

Catering Service Agreement Template Sample

Catering Service Contract Agreement Template Printable Catering Service Agreement Template