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What Is A Career Plan?

A career plan is a list of plans that you will do for your career development whether it is for short- and long term. Making a career plan can help you decide the best career path for you and help you discover yourself. This is why on this page we have the career plan template that you can download for free from this website.

You don’t need to spend your time developing a career plan template because we have an unlimited stock career development plan template PDF, Word, Excel, Google Doc, etc. Each template is customizable so you can edit it as you want.

career plan template

Another benefit of writing a career plan is to help you identify what kind of skill you need to improve, internship, choosing extracurricular and find a job position. In this way, you can make the best version of yourself and you can minimize the regret of choosing the wrong path.

Besides providing your templates, we also have a list of tips on how to discover yourself by making a career plan:

Identify your Career Plan option

Now let’s sit and think carefully! After that, take a paper and pen and then write down the career option based on your skills, interest, and values. This is called the self-assessment. With a lot of career choice, you need to narrow your options by doing research, search for information in the companies and discuss it with the professionals. Narrow again your list by making a list of volunteering projects and internships.


Making a list is not enough. You need to prioritize your options based on your skills and interest. Check if the field is challenging to develop your mindset too and also other benefits that you can get along the way whether for your family and finances. You can arrange an appointment with a career advisor and see how far you can expand your career.

Try to make a comparison Career Plan

The next tip is making a comparison of which one is more promising. Of course, it should be based on your values, interest, and skills.

Other factors Career Plan

What are the other factors? This can be beyond your personal preference. For example the demand for the position. If the demand is low, then the competition must be very high. You also need to check the qualification required in certain fields. Do you need to get a certificate? How will you get the certificate to support your CV?

Make A Choice Career Plan

One thing that you have to remember, you need to choose a career path that works best for you. In the early stage, identifying the multiple options might be the best option at this moment. You might want to look for certain opportunities.

Implement and Action Career Plan

Now you have done the research and make some consideration. After that, you need to make the plan and start to implement it. You have to remember that a good plan should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

The last thing you have to know is you need to be realistic. Be honest with yourself about your career and capability!