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A career plan is very crucial for every individual to get a better life. However, creating a career development plan cannot be done overnight. You have to make certain steps to know yourself and do some research so you will not make the wrong career decision. There are many people that are suffering from depression because they took the wrong path. This is why planning is crucial.

On this page, we provide you the best career development plan template to help you decide your path and find what you want. The template contains complete details to understand yourself and discovering your inner gold. Generally, in planning the career path, there are ways you need to do which are including self-exploration, discovering opportunity, make a choice and the last is actualization. However, doing these four steps is not even easy. It takes a lot of patients and you need to make sure that you will not give up on the process.

5 Year Career Development Plan Word Free Download

To help you level up your life, we also provide the 5-year career development plan examples. You can learn how to discover yourself by filling the detail in the template. We also give you simple tips on how to make a better one.

How To Create A Career Development Plan

  • Know Yourself – The first thing you have to know is knowing yourself. This includes your interest, skills, vision, values, abilities, and traits. By knowing these areas, you can make a better decision on your career move. Furthermore, make sure you can answer the following question:

1) What kind of core values that are more important for you?

2) What kind of skills will help you in developing your career, especially if you think you want to level up your current position?

3) What kind of programs do you think you need to join to gain more knowledge and skill?

  • Occupational option – The next skill you have to gather a lot of information about the occupational option in the field you are focusing on. You need to find an occupation that gives you interest. Besides, think about the possibilities of getting experience in the early part of your career. If you can gain your career as an apprentice or volunteer, that is a good thing! Or, you can go back to school or join certain training. Today, there are many people sharing their knowledge through courses. It takes some pennies, but later, you will know that such a thing is worth the money. Always invest your money on gaining skills.
  • Evaluate your career option – The next step is evaluating your career. Do you love it? Will you be able to level up yourself by working in this organization? It is your choice after all.
  • The next step is taking action – Your next move is now taking the action! Now it is time to turn your plan into reality. You now need to make the plans with deadlines. If you feel overwhelming, breakdown your project into smaller goals and then mark it when you have achieved it.

Personal Career Development Plan Word Template Free Download