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Planning is the most important thing everyone should do. It is not only in business matters but also in a personal career. If you want to level up yourself, you have to make the same thing. This is not only to plan your life but also to get prepared because our life is so uncertain. When you do this, you will be able to prevent the worst too. This is why you need our career action plan template. You can download it for free on this page.

5 Year Career Action Plan Template Word Free Downlaod

Our website provides you unlimited stock of career action plan examples along with the career action plan example essay. You can learn how to write an essay easily and also learn what aspects you should write about.

How To Create A Career Action Plan?

Besides providing you the best template designs, we also give you simple tips on how to plan your career so you will not step in the wrong way. First thing first, now you imagine where you want to live in the next five years. When you never think about it, then it is time to start with. Even though it sounds a daunting task, you can try the following steps:

  • Career objective – The first thing you need to do is clarifying your career objective. You have to access your work life and evaluate yourself. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to live in the next five years? You need to sit down and then list all of the good things that you want to enjoy. You have to consider what brings satisfaction to your life. Think about something that you are very enthusiastic to do it. It sounds cliche indeed, but when you can find the best thing you want to enjoy, you will find away.
  • Identify your skill – Now, you need to identify what skills you master the most. After that, invest your time to improve it and don’t forget to be honest with yourself. If you need to level up your skill, then do it. Besides skills, you need to think about the experience and abilities. For example when you want to level up your career as a graphic designer, but you cannot use certain software, then you need extra time and money to train yourself until you know you are capable to handle the client’s work. You have to plan how you can gain knowledge and skill.
  • Break down your plan into achievable goals – We often feel overwhelmed when we think about a lot of goals. Then we are confused about where to start and it often leads us to give up. It is better to breakdown your big projects into smaller goals. It will be easier for you to accomplish it and you even feel motivated once you have done the projects. After that, it encourages you to do more.
  • Look for more opportunities – The next thing you need to do is seeking opportunities to gain more experience. There are basically two ways in doing it; 1) you can search for a fresh opportunity for the current role. You can speak to your manager to develop your skills so you can gain more experience, 2) Or you can gain more opportunities in another place if you don’t find opportunities in your current place or organization.
  • Review the plan – To make you reach the goal faster, you need to reevaluate your plan and progress you are making along the way. If you need some adjustment, then do it.