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Drafting the car sale agreement can be a daunting task if you do it by yourself. At the same time, you need it to protect yourself from future dispute. On this page, we provide you tons of free printable vehicle purchase agreements.

Used Car Sales Agreement

You can also follow our guide bellow on agreeing easily and professionally.

How To Make A Car Sale Agreement?

Creating a car sale agreement is very easy. You can learn it by yourself using our agreement samples. The following tips will also help you create a professional agreement:

  • Parties’ Detail Information – When it comes to the buy and sell agreement, there are certain aspects you have to write, which is very vital. This is the parties’ detail information. Everyone who is involved in the agreement should be written their details. The detail includes the full name, saling transaction reason, the condition of the vehicle and also other relevant information about buyer and seller.
  • Car’s Features – This is not a thing you should not forget. The vehicles’ specs should be written in the agreement so it can be clear what is the specs, what is the model, and so on. This will give a full understanding of both parties. Another information to add such as the current condition. Make sure the description you have made is clear.
  • Terms, agreement details, and clauses – Your agreement should be comprehensive to give a better understanding between two parties and others. State the date of the sale, terms of the sale and final purchase price. State the agreement termination, warranty and also dispute resolution too.
  • Agreement’s accuracy and completeness – Evaluate your agreement with your best knowledge and review every detail of it because when the agreement has wrong details then this can be the reason for termination.
  • Signatures – The signatures are the way to make the document valid and also effective. Usually, the signatures are placed at the end of the document. However, some people put the signature space on every page so each part will sign it to make sure they have read it thoroughly. Besides, place the date of the agreement too.
  • Always get the copy – The last step to have a secure transaction is to get to make the copy of the agreement. The original agreement should be given to the buyer and also the seller and they need to sign the copy to protect them from the dispute in the future.

Vehicle Offer and Sale Agreement

Talking about the vehicle sale agreement, this is mostly combined with the offer letter. This is done to save time when drafting and of course the buyer should review it.


If you are planning to sell or buy the vehicle, make sure to read the agreement thoroughly and discuss it with the owner. Even when you are planning to buy a used car, you probably want to download the Used car sales agreement template to help you learn what kind of clauses and terms covered here.

Car Sale Agreement Template in DOC


Best Car Sale Agreement Template

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