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Do you have a super cool idea but you don’t sufficient resources to develop it? You might need the capital investment proposal. This is a good way to help you get the funding so you can implement your ideas soon. If you are looking for an angel investor, this template is required to write a good proposal in a professional way.

Strategic Capital Investment Proposal

The Capital Investment Proposal Definition

Capital investment means provided funds by certain parties such as investors to grow the business. If you write this proposal, then you write the capital investment proposal, then you are actually writing the pitch on how the investor’s funding will be used to develop the ideas and business.

This is why the capital investment proposals involving different amounts which should be detailed. This will be ruled in the documents whether the fund provided will act as a loan or business entity that later will be exchanged with the share profit.

Sample Capital Investment Proposal Template

Note that this proposal can be written by anyone who is running a business or developing ideas. This could be in a small, medium or large scale. Usually, a business that is getting the fund from the angel investors is the one that gets the increased growth. However, such a thing is of course potentially risky.

By using the capital investment proposal, you can easily attract the investor’s attention so you have a greater chance to get the necessary funding.

Proposed Capital Investment Plan Proposal Template

The templates that we provide contain complete outlines that will guide you on how to manage the capital investment in a professional way. Please note if you are using the printable template, this will not be the fine proposal in front of your investor. It will just serve you as a guide. You can draw the outline on the printable template and then write the draft with our templates in another format such as Word, Excel, and PDF.

How Do You Make A Perfect Capital Investment Proposal?

In fact, writing a capital investment proposal is tricky. You will deal with many aspects. Follow the simple tips below so you will not miss out important details:

Explain how the investor can gain the money with your ideas

An investor will be interested to put the money on risk if they know how they can gain revenue with their money. This is important to let them know how your business will give a lot of profit. Make sure you explain it in a smart projection that can be measured. Therefore, it is not only by your assumption.

Printable Capital Investment Proposal

You need to focus on the relevant background

Note that angel investors will always look for the CEOs, managers and also the teams. When you can show them your team and how they work and develop a business, you will gain more trust from the investor. It is not that difficult to get their attention if you have an outstanding team. When an organization works together, reaching the goal is not impossible. Therefore, in this part, you have to show the leadership and the power of teamwork.

Equity Fund Capital Investment Proposal Template

There are still many aspects that you need to consider, for further detail, download our capital investment proposal template. It’s free!