Free Download Business Plan Tool Template Sample and Tips How To Make An Outstanding Plan

A business plan tool can be a software of a simple sheet. If you are planning to use the software, you need to spend some money which for a startup, it would not be the main expense priority. If you have just been running a business, you can use the templates that we provide for free on this page.

Business Plan Tool Template

A simple business plan tool free with various formats can help you arrange the plan. You will get the ideas of what you have to write and you will not likely miss the important details. Most people are still confused about how to make a proper business plan. Meanwhile, they have a limited budget to buy the software. The templates on our page can be the best solution for you.

We have unlimited SBA business plan tools and other important formats you might need. All of them are free to download. Furthermore, we have collected some tips on how to write a perfect business plan.

How To Write A Business Plan Properly

Note that every type of business should have a business plan. This is not only about the strategies so you can gain revenue, but also the prevention and recovery plan, how you can survive during and after unexpected threat.

Note that the component of a business plan includes:

  • Executive summary – this is about the general description or snapshot of the business.
  • Company description – this part describes what are you going to do in the business.
  • Market analysis – this part talks about the research and market competition.
  • Organization and management – this is about the management of the business.
  • Service or product – it is discussing the product and service that you are going to offer to the customer.
  • Marketing and sales – this section talks about the strategies on how you will market your product.
  • Funding request – in this part, you need to mention how much money you will need to develop your business.
  • Financial projection – make sure you also have the financial projection such as the balance information.
  • Appendix – this includes the resumes and also the permits.

Business Plan Tool Template 1

After you have outlined the above component, now it is time to do the following steps:

  • Do more research – You need to do more research about your business from the product, market, and the objective. Consider spending a lot of time on this matter because it will help you make the perfect decision. You must know your company and your product well. Also, you have to understand the competitor too.
  • Determine the purpose – Next you have to determine your purpose why you need this plan. Because in the business plan you have so many aspects from strategy, financial and also containing the loss, you are allowed to have more than one purpose.
  • Make the company profile – The next step is creating the history of the company and underline your product and service you are offering. This is very crucial because people will be able to figure out what business you are running so you can get the right target.
  • Document the business aspects – Because investor wants the business to make them money, make sure you describe your company clearly from the cash flow, expenses, projection and so on.
  • Make the strategic plan – The strategic plan here is not about the profit, but also the continuity plan about how you containing the loss and survive during a critical time.