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In the business world, no one can predict the future, most importantly when it comes to bad outcomes. Therefore, if you are running a business, then you have to make a good plan. This is why we also provide you the business continuity plan template. This is the ultimate tool that you have to provide to ease you to make a plan and help you prepare for the worst scenario.

Business Continuity Plan Template for School Word Format Free Download

The one that usually hasn’t prepared much about it is the small business. Most startups are still trying to figure out what to prepare. The business continuity plan template for small business will help you make a professional plan. It comes with complete details.

How To Create A Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is not only preparing about the worst outcome caused by the business activity but also preparing you from disaster and unexpected events such as a pandemic. You will also need the disaster recovery and business continuity plan template. Such a thing is crucial. The following is a list of tips that you can follow to make a better plan.

The Business Continuity Definition

This is also known as BC which stands for the effort of maintaining business functions. Besides the business continuity is also for resuming the activity after a major disruption. This is why this plan contains procedures and instructions that should be followed by the organization. This document covers various aspects, such as; business assets, human resources, business process and also partners.

The Elements Of Business Continuity Plan

If your company or organization hasn’t made the business continuity plan, then you can download our business continuity plan template for free. You can start accessing the business aspects including the business process, evaluating your business to find a vulnerable area and the potential losses. After that, identify your plan using these six steps:

  1. The scope of your plan
  2. The key business area
  3. The critical functions
  4. Evaluating and identifying various areas and its functions to know the dependencies
  5. Figure out the possible and acceptable downtime in a critical condition
  6. Make a plan to keep maintaining the operation

The key point of making a helpful business continuity plan is using a checklist. You can also find checklist templates on our website too. Make sure you already do checklist the pieces of equipment, supplies, data location for backups and also sites. The checklist also the possible plan such as where the plan can be implemented, who handles the plan, contact emergency, backup site providers and also the key personnel.

Emergency and Business Continuity Plan Example Word Free Download

You need to note that the disaster recovery plan template must be downloaded too because you need it. It will be part of the plan.

After you have finished making your plan, now it is time to do a business continuity plan. By doing testing, you will know what works and doesn’t work. It is suggested that you need to break your plan to know how effective your plan is. You are not suggested to the easy scenario. For your information, many organizations do testing for their business continuity plan until four times a year.