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No matter how successful a business is, you have to develop a strategy and plan to give full protection and safeguard your business. We all know the future is uncertain. Maybe you will have to face big disasters, trade wars that affect the supplies and also a global pandemic that will disrupt the business. On this page, we have the business continuity plan Word, Excel, PDF and other formats that you can download for free.

Simple Business Continuity Plan Template

The Importance Of Creating A Business Continuity Plan

Besides developing strategies on how to increase revenue, you also need to protect the business from unexpected things. By making a business continuity plan, you can make sure that you have sufficient resources and information needed during the emergency and you can recover soon after a threat.

Small Business And Voluntary Organisation Business Continuity Plan Template

The business continuity plan requires you to identify what aspect should be the most concern. This helps you make the necessary policy which helps all of the employees and staff to respond to the critical condition. This document is created in advance due to emergency condition and this involves the stakeholders. This is basically created to protect the assets and personnel during and after critical condition.

Standard Business Continuity Plan

Then In What Condition A Business Is Under Critical Condition?

A business can be said in a critical condition if the company is not able to produce or operate like normal circumstances. This is caused by many factors such as disaster, cyberattack, active shooter, intruder, bomb threat and so on. If you are still stuck on how to make it, you can download our business continuity plan samples.

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan

How To Write A Business Continuity Plan

Generally, there are six steps that essentially need to be included, which are identifying the planned scope, key business areas, critical functions, dependencies of the areas, determining the downtime in the critical situation and the last is creating the plan and procedure of maintenance.

FEMA Business Continuity Plan Template

To help you make sure that all the areas have been included, you can use the checklist templates that you can download for free on our page. List down all the areas that need to be maintained of such as the backup sites, data backups, location, equipment, supplies, and others that you use to operate your business.

Sample Business Continuity Plan

Download also a disaster recovery plan because it is a part of the business continuity plan. You also need to interview the person in the company who has been successful to cope with the crisis. Most people love to share stories which is very good for you. By doing this you will be able to make a solid plan.

Reasons Why You Need To Test Your Business Continuity Plan

To know whether your plan works or doesn’t work is by testing it. To prepare everyone on the real accident, a test will help you find out the loop and then fix it. Then how would you do this? Try to break it! When you want to test a procedure, don’t lean on the easy scenario.

Sample Continuity Plan