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Business Balance Sheet: Get the Profit Using this Template

Hello, a businessman! What do you know about a business balance sheet? Actually, this sheet template can be defined as a written document to match the total revenue and total expenses. It will help you to provide a financial sheet template that has a significant role. Greatly, this printable business balance sheet can calculate a healthy net profit. So, it is very suggested for you to use. To make it creatively, you are allowed to follow these samples below.

Small Business Balance Sheet Template

4 Samples of the Business Balance Sheet

In this sheet of business balance, you can recognize 4 samples that you may choose. Are you curious about those samples? If it is so, please follow this information carefully!

  1. The sheet template of project construction business balance

This first sample business balance sheet will help you to know some main elements in it. Those elements are particular, current assets loans and advances, current assets, construction material, tools and implements, cash and balance, and debts. Besides, there is also cash in hand, cheque in hand, debts outstanding, and provision for doubtful debts.

Business Balance Sheet Template

  1. The sheet template of blank business balance

In this second sample, you will see that it looks so simple. It is because there are the components of company name, date, assets, current assets, cash, petty cash, accounts receivable, and inventory. Besides, there are also short-term investments, prepaid expenses, long-term investment, fixed assets, and land.

Blank Business Balance Sheet Template

  1. The sheet template of small business balance

How about this business balance sheet sample? It tells a balance sheet for a small business. It covers the assets and liabilities. The first element includes current assets, fixed assets, land, buildings, cash in the bank, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, cars, and trucks. The second one includes current liabilities, account payable, short-term loans, other payment due, long-term liabilities, long-term loans, mortgage, owners’ equity, investment, and retained.

Farm Business Plan Worksheet Balancesheet

  1. The sheet template of free business balance

This last sheet template sample has two components. They are the assets and liabilities. The first one covers current assets, total current assets, fixed assets, and total net fixed assets. Then, the second one covers current liabilities, total current liabilities, long-term liabilities, total long-term liabilities, and shareholders’ equity.

5 Main Items in the Sheet Template of Business Balance

If you want to create this sheet template, you have to pay attention to the following items. Let’s check the items one by one!

  1. Total liabilities or expenses

The first item you should consider is the total expense of the money you will spend.

  1. Total revenues or gains

After you consider well the expense, you can start to think about the gains. Make sure you maintain the gains come to you well.

  1. Overhead costs

In the business, there will be a possibility of overhead costs for a certain reason. so, you should also write this detail.

  1. Unexpected gains

Unexpected gains may come to your business at any time. So, this detail is important to include.

  1. Bottom-line net profit or loss

The last, you need to consider the profit or loss that you may get from your business. This matter will help you to maintain track of your financial matter well.    Project Construction Business Balance Sheet Template


Well, that is all you need to know about business balance sheet printable. If you think you need this template so much, just come to this page any time and choose the most suitable one.