Free Download 10+ Budget Tracker Template Sample For Helping You Stick With Your Plan

There are many money experts suggest us to use a budget tracker to evaluate the expenses. This is an important step you should do to keep the budget plan works for you. How? This is an excellent way to see how much you spend every month and in which category you spend it the most. Even, small expenses but you have it often can blow your budget.

Sample family budget tracker

Anyway, there are many methods to help you track your expenses but the simplest thing is using the tracking system just like our template. Well, you probably think the software or application on your phone is easier to use, but using this can give you detail outlook. You will become more aware of allocating and spending your budget.

Sample household budget tracker Format

How To Track Your Expenses?

Make A Ledger

The first thing you need to do is making a ledger. You can start by downloading our budget tracker template. It comes in various formats for any kind of purpose. In the templates, there are many categories that you can utilize and customize. This is the best thing to record your spending habit.

Sample marketing budget tracker Excel Format

Keep Record Your Daily Spending

The next is to be a commitment to write down all of your spending based on the categories you made before. As you keep writing the spending daily, keep in mind to total numbers left on your category so you know how much you have spent so far.

Sample monthly budget tracker

Make Sure you stick with your Spending Limits

It is not easy of course to stick with the spending limits every day. This is why we suggest you sum the remaining fund left in each category after you record your purchase.

Sample personal budget tracker Bi Weekly Excel Format

Consider The Money You Didn’t Use

After you find that you have some money left in a certain category, please be wise about how you will use it. It is better if you save it or invest it so you can use it for emergency need.

Some people opt to use the remaining money for some fun. Yes, once in a while it is very OK because sometimes you need this. However, it is suggested if you don’t make it your new habit. Invest your remaining money to something more useful such as buying books, or maybe to reach your goals such as traveling or buying something.

Sample project budget tracker File

The key to money management is to have a goal. If you don’t have a strong goal, most people fail at this level and just think like “go with the flow”. We don’t know how the future holds so it is better to get prepared than sorry. Some people prepare themselves for retirement or before they leave the job.

Sample budget tracker excel

Controlling spending is never an easy task. You need a systematic tool to help you stick with your budget plan. A budget tracker is a nice option to save you from the debt hole. Maybe you need to make a big board and write down your goals on it to help you keep motivated.

Budget Tracker Template Sample

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