15+ Most Popular Sample Budget Templates for Personal and Business Use

Staying keeping in the track on your financial state is important to have a secured life. Whether how much your income is, it is important to plan your budget so you will not spend your money on the unnecessary purchase. In this page, there are many budget templates you can choose for free. Even, each of them allows you to edit it.

Sample Personal Budget Excel Format

What Is Budgeting?

Budgeting is a process of arranging the income for expenses and place it in certain categories. It is more like a plan you will follow whether it is weekly, monthly or annually. Budgeting is not only for business but also for personal use. People who always make a budget plan usually financially safer compared to people who don’t make it.

Sample Simple Budget Worksheet

There are many benefits to using a budget template. Besides its interesting designs, budget templates we provide to you have complete details so you will not miss out any categories. Also, it is designed systematically to ease you to make bookkeeping. It is simple and easy to learn.

On this page, we have many types of budget templates, so you can choose it as you need, such as:

  • Non Profit Budget Template – The template can be download in various formats such as Google Docs, MS Excel, Google Sheets, MS Word, Number, Editable PDF, and Pages. It has A4 and US size.

The nonprofit template is used for a nonprofit purpose that contains details like staff payment, regular checking and many more.

  • Capital Expenditure Budget Plan – The template is also available in various format. This is used for business that helps you to break down the expenses including allocation of employers’ salary, delivery and supply chance, meetings and many more.
  • Project Budget Plan – The template is specifically designed for a project. So it is not a daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. The template is designed specifically for making projects that are divided into many categories. You can edit any detail you need to add or remove. It is available too for any kind of format.
  • Monthly Budget Plan Template – The template is designed for monthly needs. The details are simple that also allow you to make charts or tables so it is easier to make everyone understand. It is good if you often have a meeting with your staff. This template will make everyone understand the content easier.

Sample Strategic Digital Marketing Budget

We have so many options for these templates, so if you don’t like this option, there are still many of them that can be your favorite.

  • Excel Budget Template – This is for personal use and business need. The excel need is very helpful to sum all the expense and ease you categorizing all of the aspects.

Furthermore, we also have a personal budget specifically designed for your expense. It has simple formats which you can make it monthly and you don’t have to make a new page every month because it is already available on one page. It is easy also to understand and implemented.

Sample Budget Templates

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