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7+ Ways Of Making Professional Briefing Note Sample Templates

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Briefing Note Definition

In a company, using the briefing note templates is very common. They use this template to ease them inform some issues and decisions to the staff or committee. This is a document that gives quick notices about a certain issue.

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In creating a briefing note, you have to follow certain guidelines because you are in a formal and business situation. You always can learn from our briefing note example and note what aspects to include in this document.

Briefing Note Advantages

The document functions as the quicker decision-maker regarding a certain issue that needs attention. When a company is facing an issue and they need to take any action soon, this will give immediate attention. Besides, it is not only used in the company environment but also in the government.

Project Briefing

The benefit of using this briefing note is its well-structured arrangement that can cover all of the complex information. It is always brief, concise and clear. Most importantly, the briefing note is used for certain important reports, policies, action and so on in the business’ and government’s matters.

On this page, you can check our briefing note sample. It contains an example that you can learn so you can make a proper note in a good manner.

Then who can use this document? The document is designed specifically for the decision-maker, such as:

  • The one who is responsible for monitoring and tracking various issues.
  • The one who has to deal with certain issues even though they have no background about it.
  • A person who has no time for doing research.
  • A person who needs a quick reading-related issue such as key points, relevant information, and considerations.
  • A good briefing note will follow a formal layout and terms which you can find on our briefing note templates. Make sure your note has the following characteristics:
  • The document should contain an on- or two-page document with short and immediate information.
  • The document has to be clear in terms of expressing ideas and information.
  • The document should only use the proper word to prevent misinterpretation.
  • The document should have a reliable source about the information stated in the note. The information should be accurate with clear ideas and points so the reader will catch the points easier.
  • A good briefing note should be easily understood by many.

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Tips In Writing A Briefing Note

A good briefing note contains the following structure:

  • Purpose – State the purpose of why the briefing note should be issued. Write down the brief statement along with the short background.
  • Summary – In brief, write down the summary of the information from the developments, facts and other relevant information that needs to be shared with the person.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion should contain recommendations, findings, and advice about the issues. It should be direct, clear and substantial.

Business Note

That’s all we have about how to make a briefing note. Our briefing note template will help you draft it better for free.

Briefing Note Sample Templates

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