Comparative Brainstorming Checklist Template

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The busy schedule sometimes makes it hard for us to find new ideas because the main focus is all work must be completed on time. However, it should not be allowed to drag on because you will not develop your mind again. So that the ideas in your mind are not forgotten, there is a need for brainstorming. Furthermore, to make it easier then you need to make a brainstorming checklist.

Printable Brainstorming Checklist Template

What Is A Brainstorming Checklist?

This document is made to record or accommodate ideas when in a discussion group. Through this checklist, you can discuss everything that you have added to the list without worrying about missing a topic. In addition, the topic of discussion will be more focused because you already know what needs to be discussed.

Comparative Brainstorming Checklist Template

Who Needs The Checklist Template?

Checklist templates are usually used by managers. As a manager when chairing meetings must express his opinions. In order to when expressing opinions can run smoothly then the manager must make a brainstorming Checklist first before starting the meeting.

Simple Brainstorming Checklist Template

Other than that this checklist can also be used by new moms who have babies. Considering the needs of the baby very much, especially in the first three months. As a new mother, of course, you are not used to it so you have to know baby essentials first 3 months. So, the checklist will help you to fulfill your baby’s important needs.

Brainstorming Checklist Example

What Should Be Included When Making A Checklist?

In order for the presence of the baby to become more complementary to your household’s happiness then you also have to prepare it very well. Here is a list of brainstorming checklist for your baby.

Nursing Pillow

For your baby to grow healthily you need to feed regularly. For those of you who are first breastfeeding, it will be painful and uncomfortable. Using a nursing pillow you will find it helpful and babies can breastfeed comfortably.

Nursing Cover

Newborns need nursing cover to keep their bodies warm. A nursing cover can also be used as a swaddle, burping cloth, general blanket, tummy time mat, or stroller cover


Diapers are important needs that cannot be used up. Babies will often pee and you have to replace it when the diaper is no longer usable.


Baby’s skin is very sensitive so it must be cleaned often, especially after urinating.

Diaper Rash Cream

You will need this cream if your baby is irritated with diapers.

Breast Feeding Pump

This tool will help you to be able to provide milk to babies when you have to work and cannot breastfeed directly.

Vitamin D

During the first three months of the baby also requires a sufficient intake of vitamins so you should not miss this.


Babies also need to be bathed regularly, to make it easier when bathing you have to prepare a bathtub for babies.

Creating a brainstorming Checklist is not a difficult thing to do, it will only disrupt your time. However, you don’t need to worry because the template can be yours for free from the internet.

Simple Brainstorming Checklist Example

There are many choices of brainstorming Checklist templates that you can customize to suit your needs. It comes in a variety of formats that will enable you to edit them. Just downloading it you can have an attractive template.