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10 Bowling Score Sheet Template Designs to know and love this Exercise

Not all people understand and like playing bowling although it looks simple. You only throw a bowling ball and knock down ten pins. It turns out this sport game does not as simple as you see. The bowling score sheet template frees printable will clarify the scoring of the game. After downloading the templates, you might like it and want to try playing bowling. Okay, see the sample bowling score sheet template below and understand everything you read here. It related to the history and facts of bowling.

Bowling League Score Sheet Template

10 Bowling Score Sheet Template Examples Free Printable in Seconds

There are 10 examples of bowling score sheet template printable to see and take from this page. They emerge in high-quality within some formats of PDF, Word, Excel, and others. Both as the participant and the committee of the sports game, you must know and have the following templates:

  1. Score Sheet Template PDF for Bowling in High School
  2. PDF Score Sheet Template for Bowling Practice
  3. PDF Template of Bowling Score Sheet of Fast Lane
  4. Score Sheet PDF Template for Bowling Match
  5. Excel Score Sheet Template for Bowling
  6. PSD Template of Score Sheet for Bowling Tournament
  7. Excel Bowling League of Score Sheet Template
  8. Blank Score Sheet Template in PDF for Bowling
  9. Printable PDF Template of Bowling Score Sheet
  10. General Score Sheet Template Formats for Bowling

Bowling Match Score Sheet

More Information on Facts, History, and Others about Bowling

Much information on bowling sport you might know before so that it looks not interesting to play. Let’s come closer to this sport because you have seen some bowling score sheet templates samples. Let’s start from knowing the history of bowling:

  • Bowling emerges since 3200BC while William Pehle (A Germany historian) believed that this sport started in Germany during 300AD.
  • On September 9, 1985, America held the American Bowling Congress. But, NBC Television was the first media covered bowling in 1950.
  • Eddie Elias as the founder of the Pro Bowlers Association (PBA) in 1961. Meanwhile, the ABC was the first television network that televises PBA tournaments.

Fast Lane Bowling Score Sheet

Well, there are 3 histories of bowling sport game that you need to know. Next, this page asks for knowing facts and all about bowling:

  • The bowling sport looks simple with knockdown 10 pins but it is not easy to do. You have to truly understand how the bowling ball can spin in the right corner.
  • You must feel convenient with the ball that you use or have own bowling ball alone. Even, you should have understood the weight and the size of the ball.
  • Your body must be in the proper posture to prevent straining in your back during handling heavy bowling balls.
  • The sport with a bowling ball and 10 pins plays on the shiny wooden floor.
  • You must avoid gutters (the deep hazard) in each line.
  • The player is in the opposite of the pins and he/ she must knock pin at least in two bowls. Knocking all pins downs in one ball includes a strike and spare is the term of remaining pins. Meanwhile, Turkey is the term of three strikes in a row and Hambone is the four strikes in a row.

High School Bowling Score Sheet

You must know that bowling balls came from wood in the 1900s. In 1875, the NBA (National Bowling Association) establish in New York City. However, New York City uses indoor Bowling alleys in the 1840s. It turns out Japan the largest bowling alley in the world is in Japan with over 141 lanes. Besides that, bowling becomes a healthy exercise for people, even the elderly. Okay, thank you for following the information on the printable bowling score sheet template. Happy playing!

Practice Bowling Score Sheet Template


Bowling Score Sheet Sample

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