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Booth rental promises the business opportunity. People love creating an event and they love capturing the best moment. However, there are some problems often appear when you put it on rent such as the use of carpet, accessories, chairs and other properties. This is why you need the booth rental agreement which you can put some clauses to protect your property. Furthermore, as you expand your business, such an agreement is required!

Exhibitor Booth Rental Agreement

Elements of Booth Rental Contracts Agreement

First of all, we provide you the best booth rental agreement templates to help you make the contract easily. You can download it for free and pick any format and design you like. But if you want to make it from scratch, the following is some of the steps you need to follow:

  • The contract should contain details about the landlord and the tenant. This should contain contact details too and make sure it is clear.
  • State the equipment that you put on an ent that include equipment, accessories, and maybe if you also add costumes, this is also needed to be written.
  • The agreement should state the renting terms. How you set rental terms will determine the price and also the length of the rental. For example, you want to set it hourly or daily. It depends on your policies.
  • State a clear detail about the starting date and also state the consequences when the person who is renting your property break the agreement. For example, you put a charge.
  • Set classes about specific things for example if you find the property is broken then you want the person who has rent your properties to fix or replace it with the new ones.
  • Put the space for both parties to sign the agreement when the deal has been made.

Photo Booth Rental Agreement Template

Those are just the basic things you can arrange with of course additional agreements. We also put booth rental agreement samples to help you learn how to agree.

How To Make A Booth Rental Agreement

  • Begin with the template – Download a basic booth rental agreement template on our page. Pick the best format and design you think you like the most.
  • Complete the agreement details – Next, you need to complete the agreement details from the parties that are involved in the agreement, including the contact details.
  • Provide the booth description – Describe the description of your properties completely. Include the square footage and what access that the lessee can reach with this equipment.
  • Write also the agreement terms – Describe the agreement terms whether it is monthly, weekly, or yearly. If you think it is needed to add deposits, then state it in the agreement too. State the starting date and maximum period a lease can rent.
  • Describe the responsibilities – Describe the responsibilities of the owners and also the lease including keeping the equipment working properly, maintaining the building and other services required. Then states the lease responsibilities and rights such as keep the property from certain damage, fix the damage or replace it with the new one and of course how the lease can pay the rental.

Shutterhut Photo Booth Rental Agreement


Sample Best Booth Rental Agreement Templates

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