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What Is The Definition Of A Book Marketing Plan And What Is The Role Of The Marketing Plan For Your Business?

Having a marketing skill is really essential in a business. Not only to promote your business but also to impact the earning of your business. Can you imagine how a book or a novel can be a best seller book? Well, besides the quality of the book itself, the marketing power also involves in this part. Promoting the book continuously can give an impact on the sale of the book. A book marketing plan will help you to organize the tasks that you need to cover. Also, this marketing plan can help you to guide you to do the next thing. This is why this marketing plan is important, especially for promoting a book.

Author Guide to Book Marketing

How can You Utilize A Book Marketing Plan Template?

Since a marketing promotion is no joke nowadays, so it’s a good opportunity for you to have the skill and master it. But then, if you’re still new to this field, you should do the online promotion as the first step of doing marketing. For further explanations, please read some tips below, so you can make a good marketing plan by yourself.


Take An Early Start

When you are going to make a book marketing plan, you should promote it online. You can promote the book through social media which can promote either the biography of you if you’re the author or the synopsis of the book. This kind of marketing promotion is called as a self-published. Do an online promotion in an early day as a start is never wrong. By doing this, you can get some feedback from your viewers and may give them some hints and ideas of what you’re going through with the book. Make sure to put this point on your marketing plan and get ready for the surprises.

BMP Marketing Plan


Identify The Target Audience

Doing this point will help you to know what your audiences want and needs. Mostly this point is dismissed by a writer, so make sure you’ll put this on your marketing plan. A potential author can be just an author if he/she can’t understand the want and needs of the audience. By doing this step, you can get the promotion faster because you can complete the needs of your audience, but not forget about the plot of your story.

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Design An Appealing Cover

This tip is very essential for your marketing plan for book because a book does get judge by its cover. The design of the cover can be the first impression that can impact the sale of your book, so think twice for your cover design. The cover should be appealing and aesthetics, so the customers will buy it without any hesitation. Some customers will pay extra if you’d give them a premium service for the cover of your book. You can get some help from your publisher to design the cover, but if you don’t want to do it, you can ask a designer who understands your book well to design the cover.