Sample Blank Cornell Note Templates for Making Great Note-Taking 

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Do you that note-taking is essential in our life? One of the note-taking types, the famous one, is Cornell Note. You might do not know that Cornell Note can improve your performance in the final exam. This note-taking method can help you by reviewing your subjects effectively before exams. Are you curious why this method became really famous? Do you want to know how to write a blank Cornell note in the right way? Please go check down below!

Sample Template Blank Cornell Note

Tips How to Write Effectively In Printable Cornell Note Taking Template

Basically, the Cornell note method tells us to write less and to retain more. There are a lot of studies about the Cornell note method that give benefits to the students to understand the materials instead of memorizing it.

Sample Template Blank Cornell Note

The blank Cornell note helps in connecting ideas and what the students learned in the class. This template also helps students organize data and information. It also assists the students to study alone or prepare the assignment outside of the course. Here are the steps on how to write the Cornell note effectively and accurately, including:

1. Write The Details

You have to write the course’ name, date, time, topic, lecturer, and any crucial information. You have to write it consistently in the Cornell note in order to help you in organizing your course materials more comfortably.

2. Write in The Largest Area

There are three areas or sections in the blank Cornell note, you have to write all the information you get in the right-hand area or the largest one of the template. You can write down course explanation or general ideas from the slide show presentation or the professor.

3. Write The Potential Questions

If you already explain all the information and data in the most significant area, you have to make potential questions in the left section. First, you can take a look at the questions on the left of the template and find the explanation on the right. You can choose this method or tool to understand the course materials and study better.

4.  Summarize The Course Materials

printable Cornell note paper has three parts of the column in the template, and the last on is the summarize column. You can summarize your ideas or main points from the course materials and write down on the bottom of the template. This part helps you in reviewing the course materials and makes sure all the data has recorded.

5. Check Your Notes

You have to make sure that all three parts in the blank Cornell note are connected in the same ideas. In order to help you study effectively, you can read the potential question while covering the explanation in the largest area. It will help you check your understanding bout the course materials.

Sample Template Blank CORNELL NOTES SHEET

The Cornell note helps you in understanding more the course materials by note-taking it in three parts, including Record, Questions, Recite, Reflect, and Review. You can draw the template by yourself or use the blank Cornell Note templates that you can get it online here. Good luck!