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10 Binder Cover Sheet Templates Free Printable in PDF and Word

All books need binders and cover to save the content. It does not matter it is a notebook, storybook, or others. The binder cover sheet template helps you the ordinary people to create the cover alone. Create the binder cover alone without the aid of the lay outer make the creator feel great. It includes you who want to try a new skill or experience in this matter. The sample binder cover sheet templates below will ease your intention effective and efficient. Watch the awesome templates below!

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10 Beautiful Binder Cover Sheet Template Designs Free Printable

Create your book or everything that needs a binder cover alone from now. Work along with this page which has many binder cover sheet samples templates. The online cover sheet for binder here free printable and ready to use in minutes. Even, you can do it in seconds without spending your money at all. Believe it, it not hoax and you can prove it below:

  1. Red Color A5 Planner Sheet Template for Binder Cover with White Flower Pattern
  2. Fresh Bright Colors PDF Sheet of Binder Cover with Flower, Chevron, and Stripped Patterns
  3. Word Sheet Template for Binder Cover with Harry Potter Theme
  4. Simple White Sheet Template Word for Binder Cover With Gold Color Accent
  5. Attractive PDF Sheet Template for Meal Receipt Binder Cover
  6. PDF Sheet Template of Binder Cover for Young Women
  7. Template of Sheet PDF for Personalized Binder Cover
  8. Colorful Sheet PDF of Binder Cover Set with Rings
  9. PDF Printable Template of Binder Cover Sheet
  10. PDF Sheet Template of Binder Cover Easy Navigation

PDF Format Binder Cover Template

In conclusion, the printable binder cover sheet templates above have Word and PDF formats. They have beautiful themes and colors so that many parties can use it. You can cover any book with any theme easily and quickly. By the way, all templates above are high-quality that more than the standard normal cover. The template also looks chic so that you will not bore to see it. It turns out you can visit the blank sheet template to maximize your skill of editing. Alongside that, the templates are ready to save your energy and time.

How to use make Binder Cover on the PowerPoint

Next, this page asks for new information on how to use the templates that you have downloaded. There are 8 steps to follow to use your binder cover template sheet:

  • Open PowerPoint and create a blank slide from deleting the text boxes.
  • Select Design and Page Setup to set in Portrait orientation and the letter size of 8.5x 11”.
  • Well, you are still in the Design but it is for selecting Background Styles and Format Background.
  • Then, use your Insert tabs to insert a rectangular shape by clicking on Shapes.
  • Use the Format tabs, Shape Effects, and click on Align.
  • Turn on your box and then right-click and choose Edit Text.
  • Back to Format tabs to customize highlight by clicking the Text Outline or as a shadow through the Text Effects.
  • It is time to print but you must mark Full Page Slides, Scale to Fit Page, and High Quality.

Well, that is detailed information on the binder sheet cover printable. You might do not need to pass the eight steps if you use the templates. But, do not feel at a loss to have read these steps because there is no useless knowledge.