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Some traditional employees still get paid biweekly and the others are once a month. So, which one is better? In our opinion, of course, there are some aspects to see whether monthly or biweekly is good. However, many money experts suggest making a biweekly budget because it is easier and less burden while you can evaluate your spending every two weeks. This is why the bi weeklybudget template is good for you who are always struggling with the monthly budget. Besides, biweekly budgeting can give you a fresh feeling and make you less in looking at your calendar wishing your payday will start soon.

Sample Bi Weekly Paycheck Budget

Our page provides you many bi weeklybudget template with interesting designs and complete details. You can download it here for free and customize it as you like. Check some tips about how you do the biweekly budgeting plan.

Sample Bi Weekly Personal Budget

How To Use Bi Weekly Budget Template

Keep in mind you can track your expenses daily, but it is important too to see how you spend your money by looking it at yearly or weekly budget. By doing this, you will be able to see the trend that you often buy if it is increasing or decreasing. Furthermore, this will be easier for you to make an evaluation and decide what is more important.

Set Priorities

The first thing you need to do is set your priorities. You can list your expenses in a month and evaluate which purchase that is unnecessary. Priorities everything about your daily food, transportation, and check if you often have a meeting or not. Besides, think about some alternatives you can opt for when you remove some items.

Sample Blank Bi Weekly Budget

Household bills

This is the most crucial thing you may want to check when you are doing an investigation to your spending habit. You always have bills to pay. Decide which facilities and services you always purchase and then decide which one is crucial. Later, pay the bills in the early month. It is more relieving when you already pay for all your bills.

Sample Bi Weekly Budget Worksheet

Check Unnecessary Spending

Do you often buy snacks? Do you eat outside often? Do you often buy clothes or hanging out with your friends? Ok! These things are indeed important but it doesn’t mean you can make it as the lifestyle. Once in awhile is Ok or you can also do it regularly but with some limitation. For example, you bring your water bottle to avoid you buy unnecessary drinks, you eat before you go and so on. This will save your money much more than you expect. Sometimes, There is little spending that you never notice, but this is things that drain your wallet.

Sample Bi Weekly Family Budget Worksheet

After all, even though you are using the best bi weeklybudget template, the only key is how you stick to your own rules. The templates will only help you to break down your spending details in two weeks or a month. Self-control is very important to be successful in managing your spending. We hope this helps you!

Bi Weekly Budget Sample Template

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