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We need to clean our house all the time, right? You have to keep your home clean, neat, and smell nice to make yourself comfortable. Sometimes, we do not have time to clean our house, and you have to call someone from home care services. You can make a checklist of house cleaning items to make it professional and completed. Check a short review of the best house cleaning checklist templates down below for further information!

Home Cleaning Checklist Template

How To Create A Professional House Cleaning Checklist Template

You have to know the proper order of making a checklist for house cleaning to make it professional and appropriate. This checklist will help you to track all the items in the house cleaning and make sure there are no items missed. Besides, you can quickly check every single thing in your house clean. Here are four steps of making the best house cleaning checklist templates, including:

1. State the Work Scopes

It is essential to define the scope of work in the house cleaning. You can start by mentioning the areas or objects in your house. You also need to state the estimated time of doing the work. This part helps you in cleaning your home in detail and not to waste your time. You can be mentioning some areas in your house, for example, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the garage, the living room, etc.

House Cleaning Client Instruction Checklist

2. Make Cleaning Tasks

Another essential part of the best house cleaning checklist templates is making a cleaning task. You can identify and list all the items in your house which have to be cleaned. Do not forget the essential things or objects. You can also write a particular description of special items to avoid any damages later. You can write it in detail, but you have to use general words that easy to understand by the cleaning services.

Workplace Housekeeping Checklist Template

You can write the best house cleaning checklist templates by mentioning the areas and the specific items. For example, you can write the area like “Kitchen” and specify the list of kitchen items, such as clean countertops, microwave, cabinets, refrigerator, sink, and others.

3. Terms and Conditions

You can write the terms and conditions of the cleaning services. For example, you can write specific items that have to be cleaned immediately for some reason behind it. For example, you can choose the baby bedroom that has to be cleaned first instead of other rooms. You can quickly check on the residential cleaning checklist template for further information. You can also make a list of items and time; for example, you can write a daily schedule for specific areas for two hours with full spent time.

4. Make Changes If It’s Necessary

The last step is making any changes in the home cleaning checklist. We cannot something unwanted happens. You can change any items in the list immediately. Sometimes, you can waste your time in writing this checklist. Check our best house cleaning checklist templates to help you write the home cleaning checklist as quickly as possible in a professional way.

2 Hour House Cleaning Checklist Template